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  • Resolved Majklas


    I’m new to coding, but I’ve checked the option to Auto-lightbox image links. The thing is: HTML looks the same, but the browser opens a image in a blank page, not flashy awesome LightBox :/
    Could You please see the homepage and initial pages with galleries. Lightbox is not working on those galleries, but has rel=lightbox feature.
    Looking forward,

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  • Plugin Author ulfben


    It seems like you’re streaming the gallery in, after page load. The lightboxing-script runs when the page is loaded, if the link is not there at the time it won’t be hooked up.

    The development version has a public javascript function ‘doLightbox()’ – which allows you to apply lightboxing at arbitrary times. Added this to support infinite scroll and similar plugins. Try that.

    Thanks for a quick responce 🙂
    Settings | Version | By Ulf Benjaminsson | Visit plugin site
    I already have the development latest version installed.
    So should I put that doLightbox(); in javascript in gallery js or just anywhere at the post end <script>doLightbox();</script> ?

    Plugin Author ulfben


    You know your own javascript; you need to run this function once your content is in place. You can call it as many times as you want.

    The smart way to go about it is to first check and make sure the function exists (avoids javascript errors if jQuery Lightbox changes or isn’t loaded yet);

    if(typeof doLightBox !== 'undefined' && typeof jQuery !== 'undefined'){

    sorry, maybe I’m too dumb to get the code working, but i pasted it in script type javascript brackets in the footer, just before the body tag..
    Still no chance of getting “Full size” link to work as a lightbox.. 🙁

    Also, please include lithuanian language 🙂 link

    Plugin Author ulfben


    It won’t help adding it at the page footer – after all; the jquery lightbox is run after page load anyway, right? You must find our where in your gallery script the images are finished loading in, and perform the doLightBox there.

    Translation is in trunk, thanks!

    well. did not work either.. I do know how to JS, just php/html.
    I put in gallery’s js end jQuery(document).ready(function($){doLightbox();})
    and the whole thing crashes.. Firebug errors: doLightbox is not defined

    Dear ulfben, could You please show me some magic? I’m new to js and cannot make it by myself.

    There’s no way I can edit that jquery.galleriffic.js and find a perfect spot for :

    if(typeof doLightBox !== 'undefined' && typeof jQuery !== 'undefined'){

    Plugin Author ulfben


    Contact me via email if you need a quote for freelance work. I’m closing this topic as it is not a support question for my plugin, but for your other scripts.

    well, thank You for a great plugin, but I do not have enough savings 4 U..



    Hello, I am new to WordPress and as a photographer really need to become more computer literate!

    I have set up a gallery on wp with Lightbox Plus plug-in. Followed tutorial steps but my image won’t even open onto it’s own page never mind opening with lightbox.

    My URL is If anyone can help me with this I will be eternally grateful!



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