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  • Hi

    I would like the title to show under the thumbnail and on the image. At the moment it’s showing twice on the image, as it’s also in the caption section of the file. If I delete it from the caption section it removes it from under the thumbnail.

    Is there a way I can fix this? I don’t know a huge amount about code so if I’m going to have to mess with the code please explain it as if I’m a total idiot. 🙂


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  • Yup, having the same issue — both the Title and Caption get pulled into the zoomed photo’s caption, even when both are identical. My understanding was that the Title was for the caption zoomed image, and the Caption was what appeared on the page with the thumbnail.

    This looks like a bug to me, especially when it doesn’t catch that the Title and Caption are identical and posts both.

    Thanks for the outstanding plugin otherwise, and any suggestions or fixes would be much appreciated!

    Plugin Author ulfben


    Links please.

    The third pic on this one:

    Just put in one example as have taken the captions and description out of the rest to stop it happening.

    And here’s an example from our blog:

    The Title and Caption are identical and appearing in duplicate on the zoomed image. This is true of all the images in the older posts where both the Title and Caption tags were used.

    Plugin Author ulfben


    So… you’re setting both title and caption to identical strings?

    If you provide identical values, then identical values will be displayed. It seems unreasonable that I (WP jQuery Lightbox) should decide what titles and captions are valid. I suggest you adjust your themes to show the correct string and not bother duplicating data like that.

    Or is there an argument for me to ignore the user-provided values?

    If you absolutely must you can use CSS to hide the Lightbox caption or title.

    No, what I’m saying is, this doesn’t allow for using both the Title and Caption fields because both will get pulled into the zoomed image’s caption.

    Let’s say I have a photo of climbers on the summit of Everest. I’d like to have a short caption that appears on the page with the thumbnail, something like, “Everest Summit Team” but then want the ability to have a different, perhaps longer caption that appears with the zoomed image (maybe the date, names of the climbers, etc — just more or different info… it’d look pretty goofy if that longer caption was then followed by “Everest Summit Team” which is exactly what would happen right now.)

    My thinking is that the WP Caption field is what should be displayed on the page with the thumbnail, and the WP Title field displayed with the zoomed image, but as is, BOTH are pulled into the zoomed image caption, which makes no sense, whether the info is duplicated or different, both should not be appearing as the zoomed image’s caption.

    What this does is forces us to choose to use only the Title field (because that’s required), so now we can’t use the on page Caption field, else it too will be pulled into the zoomed image caption.

    Do you understand? This can’t be correct functionality… If we do want the same info in the on-page caption and the zoomed caption, that shouldn’t mean the zoomed caption is duplicated — doesn’t that seem like an obvious mistake?

    Again, my feeling is the WP Caption field should be for the on-page captions, and the WP Title what is used for the zoomed image caption. But they shouldn’t BOTH be used for the zoomed image caption.

    Thanks much for your time,

    Plugin Author ulfben


    It seems your theme is currently mixing up the purposes of title and caption. These are two separate datafields, used to identify and describe the picture. Of course they should both be displayed in the lightbox. And both of them are displayed, in that order. You can even style them individually.

    What your theme displays (below thumbnails etc) is entirely up to you – use the title, caption or both. Either way, having the exact same data in both fields makes no sense.

    I guess you are saying that I need to see if I can fix my theme to show the title under the picture rather than the caption.

    Not sure I have any idea how to do this but I see what you mean. I assumed that the lightbox was the part that told the theme what to show under the thumbnail. I guess this isn’t the case.

    Yes, exactly. And this is how the original Lightbox plugin does it, though what the coding voodoo is to make that happen… only you techno smarty pants types might know.

    Thanks much for your effort with this though — I love the idea of having a jQuery version of Lightbox, but we really do use both the Caption and Title fields, so that’s the only missing piece for us.

    Thanks again!

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