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  • Agnes


    I installed the plugon on a WP 3.2.2 install and it works well.

    I have one frustration though: as it resizes to my screen (and am on a small laptop now), the caption becoemes almostr unreadable.
    So I see it resizes but I d like tell itto resize to sthg lightly smaller than the screen.

    I tried play in the CSS but does not work?

    Then I saw there is this beautiful option in admin:
    “Shrink large images to fit smaller screens” with a margin.
    I set to 10, or 10px… unfortunately it does not seem to change anything!

    Any clue?

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  • Plugin Author ulfben


    1. Resizing only affect the image, it does not scale captions. Set a better font size in your css.

    The margin text field takes a number. Setting it to 10 means it will scale down to browser width/height, minus 10px.

    2. Link?



    Thanks for the answer, it is on localhost for now, I’ll try playing with image size and text size, but I think it would be useful to be able set the size / margoin for the whole thickbox relative to the windows.

    Hi ulfben,
    I can’t seem to figure out how to email you a question I have about the WP jQuery Lightbox. it has to do with a text sizing issue.

    When I click on an image and it pops up in the light-box pop up menue….the text below is small and my client wants to know if we can make the text in the light-box bigger. His clients are older people and he fears his clients wont be able to read the small type.

    the website i’m working on is
    if you go to photo gallery and click on a photo, you will see the small type that i’m talking about

    i think I figured out how to edit the type (i need to target the #imageDataContainer in the .css) but when i update it,nothing happens. The .css document says it’s “inactive” and i believe this is what is preventing me from updating the type to a bigger size. Is there a way i can activate the .css document? Any other suggestions are welcome. thanks so much!

    Plugin Author ulfben


    1. never edit the CSS of a plugin, since it will be replaced on every update.

    2. don’t bother editing CSS-files that are not even used on your site. (read the HTML source and you’ll see).

    3. … edit your own CSS file?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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