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    I stuck…
    This doesn’t seem to work in firefox (9.0) but works in all other browsers, on a pc.

    its really weird… the next button doesn’t work, and the close button moves you onto the next slide/image?

    I’m thinking it might be a javascript conflict, but why would it work in other browsers?

    any help would be much appreciated.

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  • sample page can be found here

    Plugin Author ulfben


    You forgot the link.

    tried the link shortcut button doesn’t seem to have worked….

    Plugin Author ulfben


    You have the same issue with Internet Explorer 9, and it seems to be specific to your site.

    Disable plugins and custom themes until you find the culprit. Please let us know how it goes.

    Thats what I feared. nightmare…
    I maybe some time.

    Well….I started comparing plugins on my virtual machine etc. Then after a brief coversation with a developer and some use of firebug, the issues was solved!

    Looking at the css for the for the lightbox the prevlink and nextlink divs (line 57) have been given a width of 49%. When testing with firebug, the nextlink div was being pushed down below the other one.

    I changed this value to 40% (just to make sure) and the lightbox is working as expected. I understand that there is now dead space in the middle of the image but that deosn’t really concern me too much.

    Still a little odd, but anyway.

    I have also tweaked the z-index of some of the div. This is because I have a the sliding panel plugin installed as well.

    The lighbox is actually loaded into the footer of the page, is ther a way to get it to be loaded into the header?


    Plugin Author ulfben


    Yes but why would you want that? It’s of no use until the page is rendered anway.

    What’s the maximum % you’re able to get to work reliably?

    Ah ok then there is no issue there, whether it is in the header or the footer.

    The images I am dealing with are pretty big, so the hit area is pretty big also.

    I reckon 46-48% would work, but I added a bit extra just to make sure.


    Plugin Author ulfben


    Added your width-fix to 1.3.4. Thanks for sharing!


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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