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  • Capobis


    I’m using Listable for a site and I’m running into some problems with Featured listings. The CSS classes that mark them as featured work fine but they don’t act any different than regular listings.

    Featured listings are not sticky on search results and, as far as I can tell from googling, that’s what it should do by default. Have I missed an option? Can’t find anything regarding featured behavior/logic.

    But that’s not all, I have a /featured/ page in which I only want to show featured listings. It comes with the Listable theme and it has this shortcode: [jobs featured="true"] and nothing else, but it shows all listings.

    Furthermore, I set up a featured-only widget for my frontpage via the customizer ( . Again, listings of all kinds are shown at random.

    I disabled all non-vital plugins to make sure nothing was interfering and it still happens.

    Any clue? I’ve found people with the same problem as me on the internet but no solution. Thanks in advance.

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  • Capobis


    I’ve been trying to debug this for the last few hours to no avail. I just wanted to add that I disabled all other plugins, changed the theme to Twenty FIfteen, commented out my php at functions.php. The issue of Featured listings not-sticking persists so I’m 100% sure this is a WPJM problem. Is it a bug or did I miss something?



    So I ended up removing the demo data from Listable and adding my own listings. Now the featured-only stuff (widget and /featured/ page) work as they should. Sadly this has not fixed the featured listings not being sticky problem. Results come up fine except for this issue. No JS erros, nothing else going on. Any help would be awesome.

    EDIT: and now the non-featured are back on /featured/ even though I changed nothing, wtf. I’m so regretting buying Listable uggghhhh

    EDIT2: FacetWP seems to have caused that last bit (but not the of the search results sticky issue)

    if anybody reads this do yourself a favor and don’t ever buy Listable

    Hey Copabis,

    did you find any solution yet?

    How to sort them alphabetically, with the featured listings at the top:

    return array(
    “post_type” => “job_listing”,
    “post_status” => “publish”,
    ‘meta_key’ => ‘_featured’,
    “orderby” => array( ‘meta_value_num’ => ‘DESC’, ‘title’ => ‘ASC’ ),
    “posts_per_page” => 50,

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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