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  • robertabramski


    I found some small bugs in the plugin that I was wondering if you could do an update for. In wp-invoice-options.php on line 9, it should be “#options” with an “s”:

    return $options[$option_name];//return $option[$option_name];

    This bug is creating an issue with notifications where the options set do not override the default information.

    In wp-invoice-options.php on line 499, I found a bug that causes the tax rate to prefix a zero every time the settings form is sent. I added a sprintf function to add a leading zero if needed, instead of concatenating a string.

    $plugin_options['invoice_payment_tax'] = sprintf("%02s", $plugin_options['invoice_payment_tax']); //'0'.$plugin_options['invoice_payment_tax'];

    I’ve taken an interest in this project as it is the best (simple) invoicing plugin that I’ve found even in its beta form. If you are looking for collaborators on this project, I wouldn’t mind contributing. Let me know if that is something you would be interested in. Thanks.

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  • robertabramski


    I found another bug in gateways/paypal.php on line 52. There is a minus sign where there should be an equals sign. This is throwing an error and preventing IPN logging.

    $ipnlog = get_option(WPIU_OPTION.'_ipn_log');//$ipnlog - get_option(WPIU_OPTION.'_ipn_log');

    J F


    Hi there,

    I noticed you’ve discovered a few bugs with the invoicing plugin. I feel like this plugin may be dead, but I quite enjoy it. I’ve corrected the bugs you’ve found and am wondering if you’ve come across any other problems or tweaks that might be useful?

    Thanks a bunch for posting these.




    These are the only ones that needed to be fixed to make it fully functional as far as I could see. I didn’t make any huge changes to the plugin. The only thing that I did in the way of features or enhancements was I added a way to set if an invoice is taxable or not.

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