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  • This has been an issue for a LONG time now. In the admin section and in the plugins settings page, the tabs across the top. For me, the inactive tabs are light grey with white text. You can’t read the text! As I haven’t done anything to customize the plugin and did a fresh install, then it is not on my end. This is easily fixed by modifying the plugin’s css, but users shouldn’t have to manually do that. That should be a non issue out of the box.

    Finally, it would be great to have shortcodes and template codes so we can make our own templates to better match our website. To have things displayed where we want them to be. Not only will this help to make things look great in our themes, but in printable versions as well. More user control basically. Right now, for me to make things look the way they need to on my site and to give it the clean, professional look that clients like, I have to manually edit the theme every single time there is an update. I’d gladly pay for a pro version that gave me more control over how things look.

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  • I think, it’s ypur theme issue.

    Please, use our Feedback site. We need it to understand customer needs.

    well first… The issue regarding the admin interface and not being able to see the tabs correctly has nothing to do with my installed theme. Its the admin interface, it isn’t themed.

    as for the issue of wanting to display things where I want to, that too has nothing to do with the theme. Yes, I can edit the plugin files manually to move or style things better, but that is limited. I’m talking about having php template code snippets. That way I can put things in the header, sidebar, etc. Basically I want to make the elements of the invoice mesh with my theme better. So that elements are integrated with my header, sidebars, footers, widgets, etc. in order to make it so that the invoices people see look like good, clean, professional invoices that can be printed. Right now, that can’t be done, we are limited to a dedicated section. And even as it is, to arrange and manage the look of the invoices it takes some hefty editing that just gets wiped out when you update.

    It would be great to have both php and shortcode snippets to use so we can create our own custom invoice templates. For instance, a snippet that displays the current list of invoices for a client. Or a snippet that displays the currently viewed invoice total.

    If other users and I don’t see any admin interface issues that you have, you have something, that we don’t have: plugins or themes which can cause your issues.

    Please, use our Feedback site. If other users will vote for your ideas, we’ll implement them.

    Again, I am talking about the admin interface for WordPress. As you should know, WordPress themes don’t theme the backend. I have no plugins installed that theme or modify the backend whatsoever. The issue I am seeing is white text on top of light grey tabs.

    Now, I am using the grey theme option that WordPress gives you in it’s settings. If that is the cause of it, then that is something that the developers should have addressed long ago.

    Where are you seeing that?

    I am not seeing what you are in the admin, but this plugin might help you.

    Well, here’s a screenshot of what I see. Since there is no uninstall feature to this plugin, I took the time to go through every table of the database to remove everything associated with the plugin. I then installed it again…same issue… The light grey tabs have white text. You can’t see anything. It has nothing to do with my computer or browser and everything to do with the plugin. Its the only plugin that shows this bug.

    But the lack of advanced customization is what bothers me more. Then they want to charge more for things like PDFs of invoices, when users can do a simple search and find several plugins that will do that for free. The plugin needs shortcodes that allows us to make the invoice pages look how we want them to. Some you can do on your own with some creative editing, but not everything one would want.

    It could be that the other tabs are greyed out until you set the invoice page.

    Nope…they look that way no matter what. Even if I didn’t have an invoice page set, those tabs shouldn’t look like that, would make zero sense. Either way, having it set or not isn’t a factor.

    Again, I have no plugins installed that modify the admin interface whatsoever. The only valid cause for this is the plugin itself.

    But either way, until they step up their game to make the features more customizable, I can’t foresee myself using this. Some of us like having more control over where and how things display on my site. Needs to be more advanced user friendly without requiring us to manually edit the plugin files every time.
    (#.T_Gd4xce44Q) see this portion
    Same problem after uninstalling wp-invoice. I even installed but no solution its not going what should i do now. This plugin should be stopped by wordpress.

    “The issue regarding the admin interface and not being able to see the tabs correctly has nothing to do with my installed theme.” You are greatly mistaken there. Most, if not all, themes have custom Dashboard UIs. If there is a class conflict, then plugin UIs can be affected. Can be a plugin, a theme anything.

    Custom invoices are out of the question, since the worked required to build something like that is way too much. That PDF library used by WP-Invoice, is a pain to style properly, so since custom = more possibilites and combinations, it would be impossible to guarantee a good visual result.

    Finally, the fact that your problem exists after you uninstall the plugin means it’s clearly not this plugin that’s causing your problems. After disabling it, the functions that enqueue the dashboard CSS files are not called any more. Use the default theme (2011) and enable only WP-Invoice. The tabs should be visible.

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