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  • As the web-invoice plugin no longer seems to be under active development, I am looking at your plugin for my website, however after a very brief test I already have noticed a wash-list of items that need to be fixed before this plugin becomes usable.

    What’s all wrong with your WP-Invoice?

    • 100% USA focused. Do you even realize that the world is more than the USA alone? Did you know that only 37% of all downloads of WordPress are of the English package and all the rest is a localized version?
      Therefore not including the country, having only 1 address line and missing an international notation of the telephone number already make this plugin completely useless.
    • why would there not be an easy way to add other currencies? Yeah, of course I can hack your plugin to add that, but there should be an easy way built in to add (and delete) currencies.
    • so I have received a partial payment, how does that show on the invoice for the client? Adjustment? Really? Are you kidding or what? Since when has a partial payment become an adjustment? An adjustment is made by the admin, a partial payment is done by the client! Why not call it that what it is? “Paid”, “Advanced Payment”, “Partially Paid”, “Already Received”, “Received”, etc would all be good options.
    • in the overview why is the client called the recipient? Recipient of what? Services? But you are an invoice plugin, remember?

    Well this is a short sum up of some shortcomings, I am sure there will be lots more, but it is a start.

    That you charge a fee for the additional PDF functionality is fine with me, I am willing to pay. But you first need to fix the basic plugin before I hand over any cash!

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  • Thank you. We need your ideas on our Feedback site.

    Thank you. Our customers vote for ideas on Feedback site. We implement most needed ideas.

    E.g. everybody can add any currency on Invoice/Settings/Payment page now. And it’s very easy.

    To piggyback on this

    so I have received a partial payment, how does that show on the invoice for the client? Adjustment? Really? Are you kidding or what? Since when has a partial payment become an adjustment? An adjustment is made by the admin, a partial payment is done by the client! Why not call it that what it is? “Paid”, “Advanced Payment”, “Partially Paid”, “Already Received”, “Received”, etc would all be good options.

    I agree and wanted to add this:
    Seems like the feature that allows me to send out an invoice and collect a partial payment from a client does not work as it should either.
    My workaround is to send the client out an invoice for the amount of the deposit. Then after manually posting the clients payment (because the function which is supposed to update the invoice to reflect that they are paid via PayPal also does not work as it should) I update the invoice total to reflect the full amount. The balance will now reflect the full invoice less the deposit. Not pretty, and not how it should work, but it’s effective and gets me by..

    PayPal partial payment works:

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Please, try to systematically disable other plugins or change theme to investigate which could cause that issue.

    And please make sure that you’ve set Instant Payment Notification (IPN) for your site in your PayPal account.

    Thanks for the response.. Following your advice, I discovered that there is some kind of conflict between your plugin and the Simple Facebook Connect plugin.. The SFC Fanbox causes an issue on the invoice page..

    By the way, the radio button selection is still a little funky. Once I select the partial payment radio button, if I reselect the full invoice amount radio button, the “Process Payment” does not update correctly. The only way to pay the full invoice amount after I select the partial payment radio button is to select the “Other” radio button and then manually type in the full invoice amount.

    ETA: It’s the Simple Facebook Connect plugin in general that is the issue. I created a page template to remove the SFC fanbox and the partial payments for invoices still do not work.. So there is some sort of conflict between these two plugins.

    Thank you for that information. It can be useful for other users.

    I’m sorry, we can’t guarantee full compatibility WP-Invoice with any plugin. I can just suggest you to not use incompatible plugins, or add idea to make them compatible to our Feedback site, we implement most rated ideas.

    I appreciate the response Denys, but let me be clear.. I don’t expect any plugin author to guarantee compatibility with any plugin.. The answer is not always as simple as don’t “use incompatible plugins”. That’s an OBVIOUS solution of course.. However, I would hope that you guys would strive to not have incompatibilities with POPULAR plugins (which Simple Facebook Connect certainly is) and that knowing that there is an issue with a popular plugin that you would want to be informed of this issue.

    I’ve seen plugin authors work together in the past to resolve these kinds of plugin conflicts. I gather from your response that you guys may not be so inclined, and that’s just fine.. I’ll simply make a note of that in future implementations of your plugin..

    Since this thread is a list of issues with this plugin let me add another to the list:

    Though invoices/quotes are supposed to be based on pages/posts, apparently there is a character limit being imposed on the amount of text in the invoice/quote body which is allowed/displayed on the invoice/quote. Tested this on MULTIPLE invoices/quotes and the result is the same..

    I created a quote, and noticed when I previewed it that not all of the quote body is displayed.. I see NO PLACE to modify this “limit”. I have not idea why there would be a character limit in the first place..

    I’m sorry, I can’t replicate that issue: Quote, Invoice

    I believe that can be caused by your theme options. Please, try to use WordPress default theme(TwentyTen, TwentyEleven).

    Nope.. Not my theme.. Just changed it to the TwentyTen and TwentyEleven theme and I get the EXACT same result.. part of my quote is cut off and will not display. and if it matters it cuts off in the EXACT same place..

    ETA: More information.. It is MOST DEFINITELY not my theme. WP Invoice is actually truncating my invoices/quotes. Your posted example of a long invoice/quote doesn’t replicate the quote I am creating (not enough characters)

    The quote I am attempting to send out is 4317 characters long (text and SIMPLE HTML tags such as ul, li, span, strong)

    When I save my invoices/quotes WP Invoice is DEFINITELY truncating my quote to 2655 characters..

    Even when I strip out all the HTML, WP-Invoice still truncates my quote to 2655 characters.

    To replicate my results, you will need to enter a long quote, then save it and so to another quote or anywhere else on your admin. Then go back to the invoice you just created and you will see that the invoice body is now truncated..

    Just to be DOUBLY sure I am testing on another site that is NOT using the same theme at all.. (though I’m positive that it’s not a THEME related issue here)

    Yes, you’re right. I didn’t test it with 2655 characters. We’ll test and try to fix that. Thank you.

    That would be awesome if you could get that resolved.. After that I just need to spend some time tweaking the template for my invoices/quotes.. An improved templating system for WP-Invoice would be real nice. I don’t like the fact that my invoices/quotes look like pages/posts, but for now I’ll settle for my invoices/quotes not being truncated..

    BTW, I’ve noticed that other apps which custom post types do not impose any such character limits on them. (WordPress doesn’t put character limits on pages/posts) Like WP-Invoice WP3-Invoice also used a custom post type for invoices/quotes, and there was never any issue in invoices/quotes being truncated.

    Web designers or anyone using this plugin to send out invoices/quotes for large projects WILL want/need the ability to create long and sometimes detailed quotations/invoices. I’m not sure what the logic was in imposing a character limit in WP-Invoice, but my suggestion is to remove any such limits.

    To work around this WP-Invoice issue I had to send this particular quote out using my old plugin. (good thing I hadn’t removed this plugin yet since the authors have pulled it from the WP repository)

    Plugin Contributor Anton Korotkoff


    I don’t know how to replicate this issue.
    I’ve just created Invoice/Quote with content length over 20,000 chars.

    Could you please provide more information about how to reproduce this?



    Do you see ALL the invoice content when you view the invoice from the customer POV??? (viewing the invoice online) Because I can see the invoice JUST fine on the admin side, but the from the customer POV, the invoice is truncated..

    and before you blame other plugins..
    I just created the same invoice on three different WordPress sites including my test WordPress site where I don’t have ANY other plugins active. I get the SAME result. The FULL invoice shows on the admin site, but the CUSTOMER invoice is truncated.. Consistently, and ALWAYS.. Makes this plugin unusable if you have a LONG proposal.

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