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  • Version 3.04.4
    Two clients paid their invoices (PayPal), but I did not receive notification and the payments do not show in the invoices.
    So I entered manual payments to reflect what happened. I found out that there is no way to edit a manual transaction (I put client one’s amount on client two).
    The reports still show 100% unpaid.
    Does this plugin actually work?

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  • I had the same issue. I had a client who mailed a check instead of paying via My manually entered payments haven’t worked. Any ideas as to what it could be?

    I didn’t want to say the plugin is broken on 3.3.1 until I heard from others. Maybe an update will be released soon?


    It does work on my WP installation, did you press save at the end of the manual payment?

    I didn’t think to press Save. But I was looking in the database and the payment info was in there anyway.


    I’m not the developer, nor a member of the development team, but as far as I know the plugin have some stability problems, I have installed it in 4 or 5 wp installations to test it. I have discovered that in certain circumstances, the plugin acts a little bit weird.

    My tip: update to WP 3.3.1 and last version of WP-invoice.

    Btw, the unpayed issue (in my experience) comes out, when you do some administrative adjustments or make a charge using the “Enter Payment” interface instead of add a new line in the invoice body.

    Please note that you can use “enter payment” interface to make manual payments, avoid use it(at least for now) for make any administrative adjustments or new charges.

    Thanks for the tip, but I already have the latest of both WordPress and Wp-Invoice.
    I didn’t change the invoice at all. I was trying to mark it paid since it didn’t reflect a payment made at PayPal and others were paid with a check. None of the invoices worked correctly and none reflect the payments.

    Wanted to bump this post because I believe I am having the same issue with PayPal paid invoices not being AUTOMATICALLY updated as paid.. I posted my issue here:

    So far I am NOT getting CLEAR answers to my questions.. In fact I am not getting any answers at all and it’s quite frustrating.. **sigh**

    PayPal partial payment works.

    Please make sure that you’ve set Instant Payment Notification (IPN) for your site in your PayPal account.

    Where in the docs does it say to set IPN in PayPal? And what do you set it to?
    The IPN setting should be part of the command sent to PayPal, not set in your PayPal account. I’ve coded a PayPal plugin, so I know how that works.

    Thank you for pointing, we’ll try to add that function in one of next releases. I’ll update WP-Invoice/Settings/Payment Tutorial. Now you simply need to copy IPN from WP-Invoice/Settings/Payment page and paste to PayPal profile page.

    You can find how to set IPN in PayPal here: WP-Invoice PayPal Tutorial.


    Joy confirmed what I thought to be true. I thought it was strange that the only way your plugin can correctly send back IPN updates is for me to explicitly set the IPN URL in my PayPal profile.

    To be clear, my MANY questions on this topic are not because I’m trying to be a PITA. To the contrary, my questions are as a result of your unclear responses to my inquiries on this topic and (as Joy pointed out) your documentation for this plugin not making this REQUIREMENT clear.

    That said, to piggyback on Joy’s comments I’m thinking that the fact that your plugin does not properly send the IPN URL setting to PayPal and relies solely on the IPN URL in ones PayPal account is going to be problematic for those using their PayPal accounts for SOME (not all) e-commerce solutions.

    Yes, thank you, we’ve already added that option to our improvement plan. We’ll implement that in one of following releases.

    I had set Ipn and using sandbox mode.
    When i pay and come back from paypal doesn’t update anything in reports, I just see unpaid itself.

    Please help me out

    Please, check Live/Test mode.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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