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  • Steps to re-create:
    ~ Create an invoice
    ~ Click “Allow Partial Payment”
    ~ Enter minimum payment
    ~ Save

    Let’s say that the invoice amount is $1000 and the minimum partial payment is $500.

    When you go view the invoice, you will see the radio button option to make a $500 partial payment. If you select that radio button, the “Process Payment” button still displays the button text of “Process Payment of $1000”. — I would have expected that some function would update the button to read “Process Payment of $500” instead.

    So using this same example, if you click on the “Process Payment of $1000” button, you are redirected to the PayPal website as expected, but the amount to be paid is for the FULL invoice amount, NOT the partial payment amount. Furthermore there is NO OPTION on the PayPal page to make a partial payment at all.

    Bottomline, this feature does NOT work!

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  • PayPal partial payment works:

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    Please, try to systematically disable other plugins or change theme to investigate which could cause that issue.

    And please make sure that you’ve set Instant Payment Notification (IPN) for your site in your PayPal account.

    Thanks for the response.. Following your advice, I discovered that there is some kind of conflict between your plugin and the Simple Facebook Connect plugin.. The SFC Fanbox causes an issue on the invoice page..

    By the way, the radio button selection is still a little funky. Once I select the partial payment radio button, if I reselect the full invoice amount radio button, the “Process Payment” does not update correctly. The only way to pay the full invoice amount after I select the partial payment radio button is to select the “Other” radio button and then manually type in the full invoice amount.

    ETA: It’s the Simple Facebook Connect plugin in general that is the issue. I created a page template to remove the SFC fanbox and the partial payments for invoices still do not work.. So there is some sort of conflict between these two plugins.

    I too have issues here. I have disabled all plugins and it still does not update the button. Thanks.

    Yeah, I’m experiencing the same issue. I *think* I recently updated WP-Invoice to the latest version. I’ve disabled all the plugins and even run it through a validator but it’s still not working.

    Okay, I’ve identified a problem and solution.

    The problem, in my case, was that something was broken with my custom theme files located in the WPI folder of my current theme. I noticed the issue did not occur when I switched to Twenty Eleven and then discovered that was the only different.

    I believe this issue first occurred after the most recent release of WP Invoice. As I haven’t made modifications to those theme files in months. So it seems to me that there is an important difference in how that feature functions between the latest two releases.

    Hope this helps everyone!

    I’ve disabled all plugins as well as reinstalled wordpress and my theme. No luck. I don’t have a wpi folder so I can’t test against that either. Does anyone have an older version of wp invoice?

    After I posted this yesterday I tested another invoice and the issue actually appears to still be happening, but only on some invoices!

    Here’s what I’ve figured out though… if I create a NEW invoice. It works. But old invoices it doesn’t!

    You need create new invoice each time you change settings. That can be the reason why you can’t see changes in invoices after settings changing and think that new option doesn’t work.

    Thanks for your reply Denys, I’m a little confused by your response though.

    The issue I’m experiencing is that when I create a new Invoice and select and set the Partial Payment option the users, on the front end can select it and make that payment. However when I do the same thing on a pre-existing invoice it displays the Partial Payment option to the user, but, upon selecting it, nothing happens.

    It’s clearly a bug, but I don’t know what’s causing it.

    Does this make sense? Thank you!

    You set some important invoice options when you create invoice. That can be the reason. Not all changes can be made for pre-existing invoices when you’re changing settings.

    I believe, that the easiest way is to create new invoices.

    Hi Denys,

    Forgive me, but your first sentence wasn’t very clear. “That can be the reason.”? Did you mean that is the reason or are you saying that is a possible reason?

    The problem with creating a new invoice is that I’ve already sent these invoices out to clients. So by generating a new invoice I have to resend the links out to all of these clients. And I simply can’t do that. This really needs to be addressed and viewed as a bug, and I don’t think I’m alone in this.

    We’ll try to change that in one next releases. I’m sorry, but now new settings effect on only new invoices, so you can make changes, e.g. change currency, but old invoices won’t change.

    unfortunately for me, it doesn’t matter if its a new or old invoice. Partial payments still do not work. It shows up on the invoice, but the button does not update itself.

    When you click on one of the partial payment options, either the custom amount or the minimum, the text right below it is supposed to update as well as the button total dollar amount. neither does.

    Any ideas here would be super helpful.

    That can be caused other plugins or theme. Please, try to systematically disable other plugins, change theme to WordPress default(TwentyTen, TwentyEleven) or Denali premium theme to investigate that issue.

    Hi Denys,

    Thanks again for your reply to my last comment. I don’t mean to be rude, but your English wasn’t very clear in that sentence to me. Can you try stating it differently? Thank you!

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