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  • I love your plug-in! Very useful and it does what i needs to do!

    Is there any way to use the “Caption” from Instagram as the post title? Currently all posts will automatically have the standard title, unless changing it manually. I wouldn’t botter if “Title” and “Post content” would be the same. Even better would be if the Caption would be the post title, and the content would be empty!

    Would very much appreciate your help.


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  • I have recently made these exact changes in my installation of the Instaroll plugin.

    On line 382 of \instagram\instagram.php simply change:

    'post_title' => $title_placeholder,


    'post_title' => $insta_caption,

    On line 380 of \instagram\instagram.php simply change:

    'post_content' => $insta_caption,


    'post_content' => '',

    I found that when using $insta_caption as the post title a <br /> was being appended to the end. To resolve this you must remove the <br /> from line 100 in \instagram\ajax_panel.php

    i.e. Change:

    print('<td class="insta_description">'.$element->caption->text.'<br />&nbsp;</td>');


    print('<td class="insta_description">'.$element->caption->text.'</td>');

    THANK YOU @nicktomkinson

    That’s exactly what i needed!


    Nice one! Thank you!

    Been trying to change the post author in the same way, i.e. change:

    ‘post_author’ => 0,


    ‘post_author’ => $insta_author_username,

    Unfortunately it’s not working. Any ideas or clues why? Been trying to get this done for days…

    Question to the plugin authors: Any hint on when the next update is coming? If this is part of the next update I could stop wasting my time and wait patiently instead 🙂 Thanks for this awesome plugin anyway! It has helped me a lot!

    I don’t know sorry, I use a different Instagram plugin now.

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    Thanks @ nicktomkinson ! This just works as I needed!

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