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[Resolved] [Plugin: WP-Instaroll] Error on installation; not installing

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    For using the plug-in, you simply have to decompress the downloaded archive anche place the contained ‘wp_instaroll’ folder (not all the decompressed content, just that folder) to WordPress plugin directory (‘/wp-content/plugins/’).

    Then you just have to go to ‘Settings->plugins’ and click on ‘activate’.

    I suppose you tried to install the plugin directly from WordPress, so I’ll try to modify the package to making it become compatible with automatic WordPress installation.

    Plugin Author FeliceMente


    The plugin also works with WordPress automatic installation, now, with version

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    I’ve installed the plugin but I am not able to authorize with Instagram. No error code just this.


    There was a problem getting the required authorization!

    Please advise.

    Plugin Author FeliceMente



    Can you please tell me what browser you’re using and what happened exaclty when performing the authorization process.

    It’s normal getting just -1 in WordPress when trying to directly access an admin action without having an active admin session.

    Can you try deauthorizing the application from:
    and then logging-out from Instagram (https://instagr.am/accounts/logout/). Then you can try again the authorization process from the plugin.

    A pop-up window should appear and, after inserting the login data, the window should close and the plug-in settings page should show the logged-in account info.

    It happens with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. I go through the installation steps provided. I create the the app on the Instagram Developer site. Copy and past the info as directed. Save and then click Instagram Authorization, the Instagram Window pops up, I log in, I click authorize and then receive “There was a problem getting the required authorization!

    Plugin Author FeliceMente


    I just uploaded a new version that fixes a little issues regarding authorization, but, if you get that message (that’s a different from your previous post) it means the authorization code from Instagram was not received so:
    – check that instagram application id and secret in WordPress setting are the same specified for the Instagram application
    – check that the correct authorization redirect URL is set for the Instagram application (it must be the one showed in the settinga panel of the plugin).

    I just double checked using Chrome, Safari and Firefox, with a previous installation and with an installation from scratch, and couldn’t reproduce the problem.

    Can you please try with version

    I have uninstalled, reinstalled, deactivated, deleted and recreated and still get this message “There was a problem getting the required authorization!” I’ve logged out of Instagram, been logged in and tried both browsers and the results are the same. Is there another step in the installation instructions that was left out? I mean I really want to use this product and convince my company to use it but if I cant’t get to to work then I will have to look elsewhere.

    Plugin Author FeliceMente


    It’s very likely that there’s some problem when the server were you installed the product tries to connect to Instagram server via SSL, so:

    – what version of PHP is you server running?
    – is the CURL extension installed with SSL support enabled (CURL is used for the connection, using a mandatory secure SSL connection)?
    – are you testing the plugin on a local or remote server?

    Can you read the php log file and see if there’s any error?

    In case PHP is at least 5.2 and CURL is installed, there’s probably some error regarding SSL connection. In this case, you can try decommenting this line:
    //curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false);
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false);
    in instagram/instagram.php file inside the plugin directory (it tells the server not to check for valid server,, in case you server doesn’t have an updated list of valid servers).

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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