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  • Anyone can confirm what techize says?

    I am the author of WP-INSERT and I can guarantee there is nothing like this with wp-insert. WP-INSERT is used on my blogs as well as thousands of others. I have spent days to make wp-insert what it is now and what techize said is ruthless and insulting to everyone involved with wp-insert. WP-INSERT is open source and everyone is welcome to examine if the plugin does anything unintended.

    I want this techizes comment removed if possible as its defaming and misleading.

    I hope people who use WP-INSERT will come forward to disprove this misleading claim!!

    I am going to try the plugin. As I already wrote in a comment, it seems to be wonderful, and easy to handle.

    Excellent plugin @nami – tried and got good result. @techize you can check at my blog nothing wrong with plug-in.

    I removed my branded plug-in ( it shows powered by tag – and i need to pay to remove that tag ..) replaced with wp-insert.

    wp-insert is an multi functional plugin ( check plugin home page )

    with my 3 years experience in wordpress :),I can say – anyone can install this plug-in without problem.

    Someone Please Help!

    I have been trying for 3 days now to install my Google Adsense Codes in WP-insert! I have followed all of the directions and even when I go to check in the above, middle and below content my codes are there but why don’t they appear on my wordpress website?

    Now, when you go on my website which is on the righthandside there is a link where you can click that says popular posts and when you click there you see Google Ads but it doesn’t seem like it is in the above, middle and below. Also, if those are my ads why aren’t they on the first page of the site?

    Please Help 3 days I am at this!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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