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  • I have associated a number of tags with images (using rich-text-tags plugin) Those images appear in image tagger and I then link them to the tags again.

    So far so good!
    In the search page (front end) the images appear after a search but they do NOT link to the tag archive page, like images in a post link back to the post page. In fact they link back only to the image tagger search page

    Have I set up something wrong, or is there a way to make tag archive images link to the tag archive page?

    Thanks for any help

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  • Could you please provide me the URL of your page in question ? I am not sure to understand your point.

    Hi phd38 thanks for your reply. The site is not live yet and I’m trying this plugin out locally.

    Ok, if I link a post image to a tag in image tag explorer, then go to the front end search page, I can search for the tag and the image is returned. When I click that image, it goes to the post that has the image. This is exactly how I expect it to work.

    In my wordpress tags descriptions section. I have added images which show in the tags archives page. (nothing to do with imagetagger) However, In image tagger I can find these images in the explorer and associate them with a tag.

    So when I search for this tag in the front end again, I see that image. Now when I click it I expect to go to the tag archive page, because that’s the ID page its associated with

    This doesn’t happen, it just loads the search page again. I’ll set up a test site online if I have still failed to explain this easily, sorry …

    Thanks for your explanations. I see now.

    This case is not covered so far. The only pages which are linked to are posts and pages. I assume linking to an archive page would require a specific treatment.

    How do you do to add images that show in the tags archive page ?

    here is a demo of the problem

    1- go to
    2- On home page you see an image in the first post
    3- Click the tag “tag-1” and you will see an image on the tag page (added by plugin rich-text-tags)
    4- in image tagger, I associate the post image with a tag called ‘co-op’
    5- In image tagger I associate the tag image with its tag ‘organic’
    6- Option set to Gallery output ‘Link on the gallery thumbnails points to ‘ post containing image’
    7- in the search page co-op returns the image and when clicked goes to the post /?p=24 (ok)
    8- In search page tag-1 should go to the tag archive for tag-1, /?tag=tag-1 it doesn’t, in fact it just reloads the search page /?page_id=28
    I would want this to point to the tag page /?tag=tag-1

    I use rich-text-tags plugin) Those images appear in image tagger and I then link them to the tags again.

    Thanks for those very accurate information, that’s all clear.

    What matters now to fix this is to understand how is stored the “it’s organic” image in the wp_post table.

    Could you please dump your example site database and send it to me (send me a PM at, I will provide my email).

    Thanks, I emailed you with details.

    OK, I understand the case now. We are in a very specific usage of the WP database. I will see what I can do, it is not obvious given the number of indirections involved in the insertion of the image on the tag page.

    Thanks, I’ll look forward to seeing what can be done here 🙂

    I understand that this feature to associate an image to the tag page (like the “it’s organic” image on is not standard in WordPress and provided by the rich-text-tags plugin.

    Could you please confirm ?

    I prepared a development version to decide of the best way to cover this case :

    This version will display many tracing messages.

    Could you please deploy on your “Mingle” example and let me know when done ?

    The plugin should be identified (admin panel) as

    Thanks for the dev version, I Have now installed this version on the test site.
    Descriptions can be shown in tags archive pages and category archives as per codex here rich-text-tags plugin only adds a wysiwyg and removes term_description and pre_term_description to allow full html to be used in the tags descriptions field. I simply add an image from the media library
    We have to add this code (in functions.php) to run html in descriptions. rich-text-tags plugin may already do this. That’s it, nothing clever happening!

    remove_filter( 'term_description', 'wp_kses_data' );
    remove_filter( 'pre_term_description', 'wp_filter_kses' );

    This is the wordpress page where the image for a tag is added
    usually html is stripped out by that filter. I don’t think there is anything special being done by that plugin, except making it easy to add html in descriptions. I could do without that plugin and simply remove the filter, as above and add <img src="whatever.gif"> then add the template tag <?php echo tag_description(); ?> in my archive tag page to show the image

    I modified the code to cover your case. You can try out

    I wait for your feedback.

    From what I can see on your Mingle page, sounds good, right ?

    Hello phd38. That test version works and you can see that on the test site. When the tag image “it’t organic” is returned, it goes top the tag page correctly. Thank-you.

    A small point: when selecting BOTH ‘tag-1’ and ‘co-op’ I would expect a search result, because they are part of the same set. Is that expectation correct, or have I not understood correctly how this works?

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