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  • I’m using the native WordPress Galleries feature to display about 20 images on a page. I can’t figure out how to tag these images. In the settings tab there’s an area to tag individual images that are pulled from posts, but it doesn’t list the 20 images I have already in the gallery on a single page. I hope this makes sense. I was really excited about this plugin til I hit this problem. When I edit the page, there’s a list of all the images in the gallery with all the standard options for adding alt tags, captions, etc. I don’t see a way to tag the images, though. Am I missing something?

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  • To me what you are describing seems normal. Even if your using this standard gallery feature, you have to tag the images one by one in the ImageTagger admin panel, so that these images can be sorted out later in any search conducted from the ImageTagger search form.

    By definition the tagging panel (accessed by Manage > ImageTagger) will not display more than 1 image at a time.

    Just consider those images are pulled out from the WordPress database. The way they are displayed on the original post or page does not influence this mechanism, each image is treated as a single entity. A gallery page is nothing more than a specific HTML arrangement of multiple images, and ImageTagger sequentially focuses on each of these images during the tagging stage.

    I hope this clarifies the scope. Please refer to the installation and FAQ pages for complete details, I guess most the answers concerning the tagging process are embedded.

    I think I understand you, but the problem is that none of those images that are in the page’s gallery were shown in the ImageTagger at all. So I wondered if ImageTagger isn’t pulling from that field of the database. Do gallery images go into a different database field?

    I am not an expert in gallery styles, I frankly would not expect gallery images to be referenced differently from what is done for usual images, and any other post or page item, i.e. in the “wp_post” table.

    Could you please dump your complete data base and send me by mail ? I am curious to see that.

    Write me there, I will send you a private mail address.

    This case should be fixed starting 2.3.2.

    Pls confirm.

    Case closed.

    Um, I seem to have the same problem.
    What was the solution?

    Images that are tagged and are displayed in a WordPress “gallery” within the post get ignored. Well the has_tag() function doesn’t seem to find them.

    Sorry if its a stupid question.

    No worries, found another plugin which works on Galleries. For those of you who come across this post the “Media Tags” plugin has no problem with images in WordPress galleries.

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