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  • Hi,

    Great plugin, fast and elegant.

    I have several albums in different directories that all require sorting. I have tried various ways of getting this to work:

    Preferred Option
    Use the dir=<directory> and upload the images in such a way as the default order will show. Can this be done?

    Other option – using media library
    I have tried using Media Library, but it seems to be broken – does not show any images. I use just the [wp-imageflow2] shortcode, but nothing shows on the page. If I can get this working I would need to use the mediatag with this and enable sorting with orderby – is this possible?

    Last option – images are currently sorted in nextgen – is there any integration?

    thanks again


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  • Plugin Author swdd


    Uploading the images to a folder will give no control over the image ordering.

    Using the plugin with [wp-imageflow2] will show the images attached to the post. These are the same images that would appear with the [gallery] shortcode. Normally images are attached to the post if you upload the images while editing the post.

    If you want to use images that are not attached then you can use the Media Tags plugin to select the images. You can use orderby with the media tags option.

    @bstofko – Thanks, from what you said I worked it out. It was my lack of understanding, having never used the in built gallery in wordpress. I didn’t realise that you have to attach images to posts/pages. It actually seems a little backward. Why not just use the media library without having to attach images?

    anyway, thanks for your help


    Great plugin. Is it possible to sort the flowplayer items so that the last image uploaded appears on the left and not right, where it is now. Also is it possible to sort items alphabetically?

    Many thanks

    @siliconstudio: if you attach your pictures to a post or page you may order the photos how you want to. When you are inserting this way the [wp-imageflow2] shortcode order in the same way as WordPress native [gallery] shortcode and will give you the ability to sort by drag and drop.

    Whatever is valid for the “gallery” shortcode will work. An example would be
    [wp-imageflow2 orderby=’title’ order=’asc’]

    See here for more information

    @alleyoopster – Many thanks

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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