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  1. Graphics Company
    Posted 4 years ago #


    Firstly, I'd suggest the instructions could be a little clearer on how the sitemap page is actually created:

    I'd already created a page for my sitemap before going in search of a plugin and settling on yours. I entered the details of the already existing sitemap page into the WP HTML Sitemap Administration fields.

    I now gather from the "Title or Slug Conflicts" section that I perhaps should let the plugin create the page, rather than create it myself (still not totally clear on this though).

    Anyway, I got the shortcode problem that somebody else has seen - the page just displaying the shortcode in the content area.

    I deleted the page and emptied the trash, then deleted the sitemap from the WP HTML Sitemap Administration page.

    I tried to start again by putting the page title and slug into the WP HTML Sitemap Administration page. This doesn't work, the sitemap page showed up as empty. I noticed that the page ID of my original sitemap page was still showing on the WP HTML Sitemap Administration page (no amount of changing the page title or slug will change the ID that displays).

    Now I get a 404 for the sitemap page. Changing the page title and/or slug doesn't help. (I'm clicking "save settings" then "update sitemap" every time I make a change.) The original page ID of the deleted page still shows in WP HTML Sitemap Administration.

    If I delete the plugin altogether, then reinstall it, will it reset fully and allow me to start again? Or do I have to delete the tables it created in the database?

  2. wmsedgar
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks for your post.

    There are setup instructions on both the General Options tab (click the bar labeled Instructions) and on the About tab (click the bar labeled Setup Instructions). However, we agree that the existing instructions could be made more clear. We have a new version of WP HTML Sitemap in development that contains improved instructions which should help avoid confusion.

    In regards to your issue and questions:

    1. Yes, WP HTML Sitemap creates its own sitemap page, so you should not create the page (or post) yourself outside of the WP HTML Sitemap plugin options. Similarly, you should not delete (or modify) the sitemap outside of the WP HTML Sitemap plugin options (except as noted in the WP HTML Sitemap instructions). If you want to remove the sitemap completely, you should click on the Delete Sitemap button on the General Options tab (this button is enabled once a sitemap has been created within WP HTML Sitemap). If you have already manually deleted the sitemap outside of the WP HTML Sitemap settings, you should still be able to click on the Delete Sitemap button on the General Options tab to remove the page (or post) ID.
    2. There are 2 steps to creating a sitemap with WP HTML Sitemap. First, you must save your sitemap settings. You do this by either accepting the defaults, or entering your own desired values for page (or post) Title, Name (slug), Page Template (or Post Format), Type, Allow Comments, and Allow Pings/Tracebacks. Once you have these fields as you want them, click on Save Settings. Then, the second step is to actually create the sitemap. WP HTML Sitemap actually creates the sitemap page (or post) itself when you click Create Sitemap button. It is at that point that WP HTML Sitemap saves the page (or post) ID. Once WP HTML Sitemap creates the sitemap, the Create Sitemap button changes to Update Sitemap, and the Delete Sitemap button is enabled.
    3. Updating an existing sitemap... NOTE: this refers to updating an existing sitemap that was created by WP HTML Sitemap, NOT a sitemap manually created outside of WP HTML Sitemap. There are 2 steps to updating a sitemap... First, make any desired modifications to the fields on the General Options tab, and then click on Save Settings. Next, click on Update Sitemap. Your desired changes should now have taken effect.
    4. In answer to your question about removing and deleting WP HTML Sitemap... yes, if you deactivate and uninstall WP HTML Sitemap via your plugin management page, all of the WP HTML Sitemap options settings will be deleted. No tables are created in the WP database, only records within the wp_options table. If you re-install all of the WP HTML Sitemap options settings will be recreated with default values upon activation.

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