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  • Hey great plugin, im using it with a template that has many custom post types, and i wanted to hide an specific custom post, but i can’t see the WP-HIDE-POST metabox on it’s Editor.

    I can see it on the regular post edit page, but not in the custom post editor.

    ¿Is there a way to include it on the custom post editor page? I’m not so pro with custom post, but im willing to learn 🙂

    thanks for the help!

    BTW, any other suggestions to hide a custom post from a category listing will be trully appreciated.

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  • i’ve already tried to add the settings manually from the database, into the wp_postmeta table, setting the custom post id, but didn’t worked out.

    Hi Nico, I managed to get this plugin working with custom post types, you can find the adapted code here.

    worked madly perfect!
    thank you so much for sharing your work,
    best regards!

    A little bit of more elaboration, if I may ask..

    I got dumped to admin a WP site, which has been running for years and has been updated with ~20 plugins and a custom theme. (

    I installed the WP-HIDE-POST plugin and running to the same problem (I think), I can see the widget in the sidebar when posting a new post, but whether I cross all the ‘hide’ functions, it makes no difference – the post still shows on main page.

    I’m thinking at this point that the theme is coming with a custom post function/name, but alas, I’ve no idea what it is or where to find it (or if it even exists!). Can you point me in the right direction, where I could find the custom post types name so I can try if I can get it work like that.

    And, nope, never touched wordpress before I got this project, thus I’m a bit lost. Trying my best but, the code is a bit too messy for me :/

    A few installed plugins that might also be the trouble? :
    category posts widget
    Yoast Breadcrumbs
    ePage Links

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    The link above is dead, could someone please repost the code?

    Thanks, th

    thpani, a shame isn’t working.. now i can’t remember where is it or where i’ve used.. sorry!
    but i’m actually trying to help you, looking for the code… let you know in case!

    Hey guys, sorry for that dead link. I dug through my archives and think I found the code I posted at the time. You can find it here, let me know if it works. Don’t forget to replace every instance of YOUR-POST-TYPE with the name of your own custom post type.

    By the way, you probably noticed that the plugin hasn’t received any updates for a while now, so it might be wise to consider a different strategy to achieve what you want!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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