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    I lke the WP Help Plugin a lot, and I’d like to make it available to users. From the FAQ, I know “Who can view the help documents?
    Anyone who can publish posts. So by default, Authors, Editors, Administrators.”

    So my question is how I twiddle what in order to allow Subscriber (or other roles) access to view the Help files.

    And a follow-up is if there’s a preferred way to kludge context-level help. For instance, if someone is on Page or Post FooBar123, is there a quick way to route them to the Help file for FooBar123? Maybe a widget or new function? Just askin’ ;- ) May be a cute feature to add in the future, if there isn’t a good method right now.


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  • Hi Art,
    did you find a solution? I just changed /wp-content/plugins/wp-help/wp-help.php, line 101 from:
    $hook = add_dashboard_page( _x( 'Publishing Help', 'page title', 'wp-help' ), _x( 'Publishing Help', 'menu title', 'wp-help' ), 'publish_posts', 'wp-help-documents', array( $this, 'render_listing_page' ) );
    $hook = add_dashboard_page( _x( 'Publishing Help', 'page title', 'wp-help' ), _x( 'Publishing Help', 'menu title', 'wp-help' ), 'read', 'wp-help-documents', array( $this, 'render_listing_page' ) );
    This will of course be overwritten on a plugin update, and I don’t know if there are any security issues involved, but it makes wp-help available for all backend users.





    I tried this chnage. However I am having issue. What i like to do is have end user have access to help manual i Created. Example
    whenever any comes to he has to see the help pages with the hierarchy. Here it looks like pages are saved with wpadmin which means I have to login to use it. Any workaround for direct access to the help pages created

    Is this tweak still working for the latest version? Because I’d love to make this available to my readers as well. It’s so much nicer looking and easier to navigate than the standard FAQ pages you see around.

    Well, I’d certainly like to make this available to at least Contributors. They need to be able to access WP Help for all the same reasons as a user that is able to Publish posts, except their content just needs to be approved.

    So I second the motion for a broader user access level for WP Help

    My two cents.

    I have a site with 80 writers who need guidelines. They cannot post directly to the site, an editor must approve the post. Can I have a capability I can toggle to give these guys access to the Helps ?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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