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[resolved] [Plugin: WP Grins SSL] Not working in back end, working in front end (6 posts)

  1. Hmm. Had a problem with wp-grins lite with 3.3, and as that hasn't been updated in a while, I thought I'd try this one.

    Main problem is that the smilies don't show up in the back end. Works fine on the comment form, however.

    (The problem with wp-grins lite is that the smilies are visible but clicking them has no effect - presumably the JS isn't being triggered somehow)

    To eliminate plugin/theme/oddness issues, I've spun up a test site with no additional plugins installed, with the same result.

    Any suggestions[1] would be appreciated.

    [1] Given the time of year, some time in 2012 will be fine :)


  2. Main problem is that the smilies don't show up in the back end. Works fine on the comment form, however.

    What backend?

    They're not supposed to show up on the backend, only on the front end comment form. That's why (I hope) they're not showing up at all.

  3. Ahhhh. Thanks for the clarification. I was expecting them in the posting form, as with Wp-Grins Lite (and the original Wp-Grins).

    I'll revert to trying to persuade Wp-Grins Lite to behave (displays smilies but they're not clickable, mutter).

  4. Looking at the code, I don't believe they're supposed to be (they show over the excerpt, don't they, not the post itself) and this is an error.

    If you wanted them on the back-end, check the TinyMCE Advanced plugin. I know that has a dropdown for it.

  5. WP-Grins used to work from the post screen up to WP version {mumble} and WP-Grins Lite worked from the post screen up to WP 3.2 (been using them for years). The smilies show up under the main textarea, which isn't perfect, but is good enough for me...

    I ended up using the Chrome dev tools and found an error pointing me to which part of the plugin JS was breaking. There's an if statement which checks the status of TinyMCE and only runs the insert code if it matches. My guess (as someone who can't code their way out of a wet paper bag) is that something in TinyMCE is returning the wrong values. I removed the if and just let it do the insert, which worked for me. Might well break for other combinations of plugins, direction of wind, and random oddness.

    I've documented my hack on my own site if anyone else runs into the same problem:

    Smilies in WordPress 3.3 with WP Grins Lite

  6. That's odd... I used to use WPGL, before I forked it for my SSL savvy version. It never worked to insert to the post screen for me, which is why I was sure it was a bug.

    Still, scope of mine is to just be front end :) Not gonna add that in, but you're welcome to fork all you want :D

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