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  • In includes/wp-greet-box.class.php, around line 149, wrap a do_shortcode around the text being returned. This will allow a shortcode to be processed.

    You can alter the code at the same place to basically do what you want (process PHP, texturize, etc.)

    function get_message_html($message, $close) {
          $html = '';
          if ( strlen ( $message['icon'] ) > 0 ) {
            // do not show icon if there is no icon url
            $html .= $this->o['before_icon'].$this->get_icon_html($message['icon'], $message['icon_link']).$this->o['after_icon'];
          if($close && $this->o['can_close']) {
            $html .= '<div class="greet_block_close"><a id="greet_block_close" href="#">X</a></div>';
          //DS: Wrapped text in do_shortcode to include posts as greet blocks
          $html .= do_shortcode($message['text']);
          return $html;

    I’m using it in to put posts in a greet box via the WordPress-custom-post-widget plugin…. Basically, my greet box consists of:


    and post #702 (a custom type from that plugin) shows up in the Greet Box, fully rendered.

    Thaya – Please include this in the next version, perhaps with a checkbox for each greetbox saying “Process content of GreetBox” to turn the feature on/off per box.

    David Szego

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