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  • Resolved klynam


    If your WP Google Weather widget icons are missing, here is my fix…

    1. Login to admin
    2. Plugins > Editor > WP Google Weather > wp-google-weather.php
    3. Change all (4) instance of this…

    <img src=”’.$conditions

    to THIS…

    <img src=”‘.$conditions

    Basically, you’re just removing the hard coded call to from the IMG source URL’s. Apparently that is no longer needed.

    Worked for me, your mileage may vary…

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  • Thanks! It worked, but I got different-looking icons as a result that aren’t as nice. Did google just change them?

    Yep – I noticed the icon changes too. We’ll need someone more in tune w/ the plugin to get us through that…

    thank you so so so much for offering this! and thanks mediaseth for confirming it worked before i attempted it.

    it worked for me too.

    fyi, reading a bunch of comments on the google gadget, it seems a ton of people hate the new icons, but it is something google changed.

    Works! … see the result … Thank you.

    thanks for the advice.

    I still cannot show the ‘current’ image. the other 3 days are good with the <img src=”‘.$conditions change. any help would be very appreciated. thanks. francis

    I would like to amend my previous post to add that the google weather plugin works fine in a page or a post but the current weather icon is missing in a sidebar or footer widget. I did add

    add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

    for shortcode functionality in those areas. courtesy of:

    again, thanks for any help!

    Dunno bonidono…mine work fine in a sidebar w/ the changes spec’d in the op. Maybe your add_filter messed something up.


    I found the “old” style Google weather icons here:

    But I don’t know how/where to change the plug-in code to reference the correct directory. Any ideas???

    it doesn`t work any more…why???

    FIX no longer valid. Google again change somtehing 🙂

    1. Login to admin
    2. Plugins > Editor > WP Google Weather > wp-google-weather.php
    3. Change all (4) instance of this…

    <img src="'.$conditions

    to THIS…

    <img src="'.$conditions

    thanks. mine just went wacko again this morning. i will try this. will check back to hear / confirm it works for others! thank you again.

    Is there any way just to get new code from google? Has anyone tried un-installing and re-installing the plugin?

    Darko-hvala 😉

    ok, that works.

    it looks like it gets the old, colorful, pics back. thank you!

    Excellent – I changed the code back (to original) and it looks like we’re back where we were before everything wacked out.

    I’ll mark this resolved (but keep it in the back of your mind just in case…not that Google changes things often. LOL)

    thanks to everyone who contributed here!


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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