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    I tried various forum plugins on my testsite, among which the free Mingle Forum plugin. To my surprise, categories and forums I created in the FREE Mingle Forum plugin also appeared in this “Forum Server” plugin. As a matter of fact, the entire look and feel was so very similar, I was somehow confused a bit and thought I re-enabled the Mingle Forum plugin by mistake (but it was uninstalled).

    So, seems like a bit of a scam to release a commercial plugin that has a totally similar free basis. It kinda sucks actually.

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  • hmm..also glitches on their sister site (footer) and the vagueness of plugin owner/operator/author info. not sure what to think.



    I think this IS mingle. The mingle plugin hasn’t been updated in over 200days and this one just recently.

    I also had the Mingle plugin and it stopped working. I kicked all the db files and attempted to reinstall it and it didn’t reinstall and db files.

    I don’t mind paying for something if it’s kept updated but it does disturb me when a developer isn’t open about what they are doing. Surely doesn’t bode well for the ‘trust’ factor.

    Also if you’ll note the dev on his ‘new’ page still has a bunch of “Lorem Ipsum…”

    This isn’t Mingle, Mingle Forum has been updated more recently than 200 days … for some reason the WordPress plugin repository doesn’t track the update dates correctly any more. Mingle Forum and Forum Server are both off-shoots of the old WP-FORUM plugin. Mingle Forum will always be free.

    EffortlessEnglishClubPl – you need to also delete the forum options row (wpf_options) in the wp_options table. The forum will not re-install the tables until you do.

    Plugin Author lucidcrew


    so sorry – something happened with SVN – some files were deleted and we weren’t notified! It is now all fixed with ForumServer 1.7.3

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