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  • Would love to see this plugin updated for WP 3.4 with bugs like this fixed. Anyone know if the dev’s still working on it?

    I have emailed the developer to see if he’ll add me in as another author and I’ll then bring it up-to-date.


    Awesome. I hope you’ll get in touch with him. I’d love to see this updates, as will at least one other person I know of. It still seems to be the best footnote plugin out there, as it auto-adds the numbers. Others you have to keep track of your numbers, and change all that follow, manually, if you go back and add one in somewhere.

    The developer is not easy to get hold of, but I did in the end. He’s on holiday for a few weeks though and will look into it when he returns.

    Meantime, if you’d like to let me know what fixes you’d like to see initially and, then, what features you’d like me to add in future?


    I love it’s simplicity and current functionality. I can’t think of additional features I’d want to see right away. However I’ll send this thread to another person I know who’s more actively using it on a current project, than I am on any of mine at the moment. He may have some requests. Thanks.

    Ok, whilst I await the developers return from holiday I’ve downloaded the code and started making the appropriate changes. I’ll also go through this forum and add any issues to my own bug tracking database – for the first release under my ownership I’ll simply be bringing it up-to-date.

    Of course, if the author doesn’t want to give me access after-all, I’ll simply branch it and create a new version.

    If anyone wants to try out the beta of the next release, let me know.


    I asked my friend, and expected him to just reply here. But he just replied to my email, so here’s what he said:

    Is there a way to set the formatting yourself in the settings? So I could change the formatting from something like “((” to “[” if I wanted? The problem is, then all past footnotes would not work. Perhaps the plugin could have an option to automatically change the formatting of all past footnotes as well, but that would be a huge task for a plugin such as this.

    Generally, I think it’s great how it is.

    There already is. If you open up the footnotes.php file you’ll see the following 2 lines near the top…

    define('WP_FOOTNOTES_OPEN', " ((");  //You can change this if you really have to, but I wouldn't recommend it.
    define('WP_FOOTNOTES_CLOSE', "))");  //Same with this one.

    These allow you to modify what it used. So, if you want to use square brackets, you’d change it to…

    define('WP_FOOTNOTES_OPEN', " [");  //You can change this if you really have to, but I wouldn't recommend it.
    define('WP_FOOTNOTES_CLOSE', "]");  //Same with this one.

    You’ll note that the comments say it’s not recommended – not sure why. I’ll test it in time, but if you try it then please let me know if it works okay. It it does I may look at adding it to the admin screen.


    I’ve reminded the developer of this plugin a number of times about my request but he’s been busy. However, today, I’ve received an email to say that he doesn’t want to hand it over to someone he doesn’t know but has, instead, put the code on Github with the hope that myself and other will contribute to it there.

    I don’t know if that is the best approach but Github isn’t something I have experience of. I’m therefore going to fork this into a new plugin – I’ll let you know the details in due course.


    Github would just allow you to collaborate more with him on it. So he still feels like he has control of what goes back on the repository. But if he doesn’t have time to work on it, seems a little silly to try and retain control. I’ll look forward to your new and improved fork. Thanks for keeping me updated.

    I’d agree, but moving something to Github, which still needs to be transferred back to WordPress SVN for each release and has it’s perfectly good contribution method, seems a little pointless. Personally, I have no intention of learning how to use Github just for this.

    I’ve emailed the developer back to see if he now intends to contribute, or whether his intention is to hope others will now it’s on Github.


    Yeah, that makes sense. Cool. Thanks again.

    I’ve had further discussion with the developer and am happy that things are progressing – bug fixes are in place and he already has someone helping with coding. I therefore don’t think there’s a need for me to create a fork now.

    Because he’s using Github, I won’t be contributing but as a user of the plugin myself will keep a keen eye on its progress.


    Awesome. Thanks again.

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