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  • Using the admin panel, added both income and expenses, but the report shows nothing. The message states that no data exists. I have tried dates in the past as well, also changed the date range for the reporting period to ensure the request was within range. Nothing. It appears the entries are not being recorded in the database.

    Maybe I am overlooking something obvious, but this plugin is completely non-functional.

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  • Plugin Author mch0lic



    Can you provide more details regarding your installation? Like are you running the plugin on localhost or serve, what version of wordpress you’re running if its plain installation or you already have some other plugins working. Its hard to identify the problem when there is no technical details passed.


    I have exactly the same problem:

    It does not store any entries in the database (neither incomes nore expenses checked within the Database via phpmyadmin). I am using WP Version 3.4.1 (German) and have following plugins activated:

    Admin Menu Editor
    Advanced Custom Fields
    Cleverness To-Do List
    Dynamic Widgets
    Easy Spoiler
    Events Made Easy
    Google XML Sitemaps
    NextGEN Gallery
    Teamspeak 3 Widget for WordPress
    TinyMCE Advanced
    Visitor Maps and Who’s Online
    Wordpress Download Monitor
    WP Finance
    WP phpBB Bridge

    Can anybody give a hint how to solve that issue or how to recode the database entries to make this plugin working. Manual entries via phpmyadmin are shown in the reports and therefore it seems to be a problem with the call of the wpdb variable.

    Ok I found the mistake. There seems to be an error in the plugin during its instalation, because it does not generate the field Invoice during the setup in the table finance. After generating that field as VarChar (50) manually with phpmyadmin, the plugin workes fine.

    Plugin Author mch0lic


    Ok thanks for the feedback. I’m still working on brand new release of wp finance that should surface any time soon. If you have any ideas how to improve it let me know asap.

    Thanks fro bug fix 🙂

    Hiho again,

    after updateing to the newest version I had the problem again. A short look into the the table finance has shown that there are two field that seem not to be used by the wpf_default.php in the insert statement (currency and userid). At least in my enviroment this leads to the result that the message is shown that the entry was stored but it is not getting into the database. Deleting the two field from the database solved the issue for me and the plugin is working again. Do you intent to use theses fields in future?


    Plugin Author mch0lic


    Hi Dragonmoon

    The issue you described shouldnt really affect the work of the plugin as wordpress takes care of it well at least most of the time. Regarding those fields, yes i plan to use them later on, as I slightly updated database structures thought just pop them in right now.

    I’ll see maybe i could simply try to add small piece of code that could solve that issue for you and release small update, but seems that you only one with that problem so far.

    Thanks for reporting it anyway 🙂


    Hiho mch0lic,

    I am not realy deep in the Class Reference of wpdb which seems to be used in the insert functions but for me it seems to be strange that the function can “guess” the value of the two fields that are not mentioned in the insert statement but who are defined in the SQL statement as:

    currency varchar(3) NOT NULL,
    user_id int(11) NOT NULL,

    As far as my SQL knowledge is not very good but it seems for me that you require a value for theses fields that may not be null and I am not sure if wpdb adds any value different from NULL if the field is not mentioned in the insert statement at all.

    But as allready mentioned I am not so experienced in wordpress coding that I could really judge this. Probably in the generation of the mysql generation a Default value different from null would be an option.


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