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    Report any bugs encountered in WP Finance 1.2.0 in this topic.

    Note: Translations are not considered bug. With new release there is plenty of new strings that are not translated.

    Known issues:
    1. Some currencies might not have symbols. This is due to the fact that those symbols mostly unicode symbols and therefore not yet added to the sql scheme.
    2. Charts removed due to the fact that the library was outdated, aslo needs rewrite as being done with plugin. Stay tunned on that.


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  • No currencies are available at all on my recent install. The Currency selection drop-down is empty.

    Plugin Author mch0lic


    Pushed 1.2.1 that fixed __DIR__ issues for some people. Checking the currencies problems right now. Its highly possible that is due to the sql query that was not executed properly.


    Plugin Author mch0lic


    1.2.2 should solve the issue. Its sql scheme charset problem. I used utf32 instead of utf8 thats why you were not able to get table in place that contains all currencies.

    Let me know if you encounter any other issues.

    Cheers 🙂

    Ok, that issue is resolved, but when I try to save my configuration, I get the following error message “Settings were not updated! Please check configuration!”

    Also, when I try to enter an income, I get the following error, “Amount format is incorrect!” regardless of how I enter the amount (50.00) or (50).

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    Fixed in 1.2.3 🙂

    Ok, looking great. Thanks for getting this up and running again by the way.

    I have set up a read-only page of my org’s financial report. This is what is looks like:

    Donation to Clinical Services Program Fund (2013).$ 50.00
    Income:$ 50.00
    Expenses:$ 0.00
    Grand Total:$ 50.00

    I was wondering if you could space out the amounts from the preceding statements. For instance, the Currency symbol is right next to the income description and the other statements that precede it. Just a cosmetic thing, but would be nice.

    Thanks, and am going to like you on facebook.

    Plugin Author mch0lic


    I intentionally left it like that so you could add stylesheet declaration up to your needs. Im not sure if your’e familiar with that?

    Ok, that is fare enough. I have worked with stylesheets before. A brief introductory guide specific to WP Finance would be helpful.

    Plugin Author mch0lic


    Here is more less all classes (except #financial-report which is the id) for front-end displaying. Its really up to you how you want to look. You can add stylesheets to your theme css file or any other css file that is included and wont be changed over the time.

    #financial-report -> main container for report
    .finance-income -> container for holding all income records
    .finance-row -> a single record row
    .finance-row span -> a placeholder for amount

    .finance-expenses -> container for holding all expense records
    .finance-row -> a single record row
    .finance-row span -> a place holder for amount

    .financial-totals -> totals table (if you’re using it)
    .total-row -> single row
    .total-row span -> place holder for number

    .total-row-bold -> bold row, to emphasise grand total
    .total-row-bold span -> place holder for number

    An example how you can style it:

    #financial-report { width: 100%;}
    .finance-income, .finance-expenses { width:100%; padding: 10px 0; }
    /* to get it align to right */
    .finance-income span, .finance-expenses span {float: right; font-weight: bold;}

    Maybe with some update ill bring some predefined stylesheets but i found that for each site you still have to adjust all that to make it look good.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    This is a good start. One or two predefined stylesheets would help. I find it less intimidating to modify an existing stylesheet, than to write up my own CSS from start. Will give this a shot starting from the information you have given.

    Thank you.

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