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  • Plugin Author Fabian


    This seems to be the server, which is very slow. Try again later.

    I don’t believe this is a server issue because it’s slow when accessed from localhost.

    Any other ideas?



    I have the same problem with filebase 2.9.14 and wordrpess 3.3.1. The folders are listed but it doesn’t load the file. In console I get the following error:

    POST http://.../wp-content/plugins/filebase/wpfb-ajax.php 200 OK
    a is null
    f(a=null, c=createNode(parent), d=ul)jquery...r=1.7.1 (riga 2)
      success(response=null)jquery....2.9.14 (riga 50)
    f(b=Object { url="http://gliamicidipooh.i...-filebase/wpfb-ajax.php", isLocal=false,    global=true, altri elementi...}, f=[null, "success", Object { readyState=4, status=200, statusText="OK"}])jquery...r=1.7.1 (riga 2)
    f(b=Object { url="http://gliamicidipooh.i...-filebase/wpfb-ajax.php", isLocal=false, global=true, altri elementi...}, c=[null, "success", Object { readyState=4, status=200, statusText="OK"}])jquery...r=1.7.1 (riga 2)
    clone(a=200, c="OK", l=Object { text=""}, m="Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2012 ...sfer-Encoding: chunked\n")jquery...r=1.7.1 (riga 4)
    clone(a=readystatechange , e=undefined)jquery...r=1.7.1 (riga 4)
    [Interrompi per questo errore]  
    ..."resolve"],fail:[b,"reject"],progress:[c,"notify"]},function(a,b){var c=b[0],e=b...
    Plugin Author Fabian


    Do you have any jQuery plugins installed?

    Ken Justice


    I’m having the same problem described above. Folders list but none of the files. The links to the categories of the folders seem to be broken links. If I try to navigate to the folders directly in the address bar, I get a 404.

    It was a FANTASTIC plugin until this occurred. Thank you!

    Plugin Author Fabian


    Enable Late Script loading in File Browser Settings.

    This was working yesterday, then suddenly stopped working this morning.

    Have enabled Late Script loading, still just spins and spins while trying to display the file.

    Have the latest of everything





    I have the exakt same problem. Did anyone come up with a solution for this?

    Never did get the File browser to work right.

    Switched to File list

    But it works on your site if I try the link in your previous post. Is that not the treeview?

    Plugin Author Fabian


    If you have problems with the filebrowser please post your site url (or use contact form on my blog).
    There are two often reasons for the file browser not working:
    script loading does not work properly due to other plugins using their own jquery version. You should try to enable Late script loading in filebrowser settings.
    the AJAX request is interfered by other plugins so the JSON cannot be parsed. Disable other plugins to find out which one is causing trouble.

    Oh yeah, forgot about that test page.

    I dunno. Didn’t do anything. There may have been an update in the interim. now showing version Think the previous was

    Now it is working. I didn’t do anything but update. Just started working again apparently, because I haven’t looked at that page in two weeks, nor done anything to it but the update.

    Sorry not more help

    @fabifott OK, I´ll send you the url via the contact form. Thanks!

    I’ve tried everything suggested here. Here is the link to to the page where i can´t get the file browser to work.

    I´m very happy for any kind of help!

    Thanks ahead 🙂

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