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  1. phbrowne
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Running WP-Filebase in a multi-site install. Downloaded the plugin but enable it site-by-site rather than globally. Have WP-FB installed on 20 sub-directory sites.

    Here is my problem. One site seems to have picked up the category file structure from the main site. When I go to WP-FB, Categories, it displays the 100+ categories from the main site. If I delete one of the categories in the sub-site, it also deletes it off the main site.

    All other subsites are working just fine. Any thoughts?


  2. phbrowne
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Update: Just did an upgrade (I was one version behind in WP-FB) and did a file sync for the site that is displaying the wrong categories.

    It came up and told me that it could not find 637 files (which are the files from the main site) and about 50 categories (again, from the main site).

    I am reluctant to click the "remove from database" button as I *do* need them on the main site and don't want to have to blow up a database to get them back...

    Any thougths?

  3. phbrowne
    Posted 4 years ago #


    After syncing the database, WP-FB started throwing LOTS of errors. Files names were displaying but files were missing when I clicked on the file name.

    I went through and copied about a dozen PDFs from different categories from the main site and then went in and deleted those files one by one from the subsite. Tested to make sure the files on the main site were still there.

    Also went to wp-content>blogs.dir>99>files>filebase (99 is the number of that particular multisite install) and verified that the files I was looking for were not actually in that folder.

    Went back to subsite and synced the WP-FB again. Deleted missing files from database, deleted missing categories from database. Tested main site, everything fine.

    Not sure why the subsite picked up the categories from the main site, but all is working fine again.

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