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Ability to Sort WP-Filebase Categories Anyway I wish? (2 posts)

  1. Carlos
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Love this plugin - thank you! Is there a way we can "SORT" categories anyway we wish? For instance - on our website - where we have your plugin:


    Would like to sort by:

    1-True-Surface® Vibe V Vibratory Greens Rollers
    2-True-Surface® Greens Care Collection
    3-True-Surface® Trekker
    4-True-Surface® NV 3×3

    Please advise and thank you very much!



  2. Phillip Benson
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Would it also be possible to add the ability to sort different categories in different ways, please?

    For instance sort the 'General' folder ascending by 'File Display Name' and the 'Meeting Minutes' folder descending by 'file-name' ??

    This way, documents that would normally be displayed by name wil be in ascending alphabetical order and documents that you would want to find by date can be listed that way (file-name: 2011-11-23, etc) and avoid issues with using 'Minutes 23rd November 2011' as the 'File Display Name'.

    Great plugin, BTW - works well for me.

    (No link - Files restricted to members - Sorry!)

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