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  • I think this is what you are looking for…

    <div class=”img_right”>“><?php the_post_thumbnail(thumbnail);?></div>


    I also would like to link the thumbnail to a specific page rather than to the post the thumbnail is in, I didn’t understand the previous answer given.
    Anyone have any ideas?

    Just create you div, insert the code for the thumbnail and surround it in an a tag.

    Be more specific about your set-up. If you want to do this in a loop, then you would need to have the link it is to go to in the meta data as a custom field.

    Thank you for your reply but I don’t get it.
    Depending on the set up, using WP Featured Content Slider, the text goes on the left hand side of the slider and the featured image goes on the right.

    I create a href like so:-
    <div class="img_right"><a href=""><?php the_post_thumbnail(thumbnail);?></a></div>
    it does nothing links back to the original post page.

    So say I wanted to link the featured image to for some reason. There must be a really simple way but I am not getting it?

    Where are you putting this div?

    I put
    <div class="img_right"><a href=""><?php the_post_thumbnail(thumbnail);?></a></div>
    in the tinymce editor html of the post and that did not work.

    I put <div class=”img_right”><?php the_post_thumbnail(thumbnail);?></div> in the custom field related to:-


    that did not work,
    and also other various combinations of code.

    I assume now maybe it is a combination of using custom fields and the editor but how I am not sure.

    What I did was use Redirection Plugin which works but whether using an extra plugin is a good idea I am not sure about.

    If you can suggest were I just put the div it would be much appreciated.

    You have to work w/in the plug-in itself and write the code w/in the editor of the plugin in php. If you are not familiar w/ this, then definitely back-up your work before you begin. Another plug in would not be needed.

    Here is an example of what can be done. Of course, this does redirect to the post, but in this example, that is what is wanted.

    Cinema Site

    Thank you for you reply, I will give it a try.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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