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  • I’m using wp-supercache and there seems to be some problem.
    I have my favourite-posts uri in the ‘accepted posts in wp-supercache settings page, but this is what happens:
    1- the page is saved correctly as a favorite
    2- the status notice is dynamically changed to ‘saved as favorite’
    3- The page is correctly saved in the favorite list
    4- When returing to the page, it shows the unsaved status again
    I think this is because the original (unsaved to favorites)page is being served through cache
    5- Turning cache off makes the plugin status show correctly

    Any advice or fix please?

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  • @houseofstrauss; I’m using this plugin with wp-supercahce, too. There isn’t a fix for this because this page served trough cache as you said.

    With wp-supercache, every user see “add favorites” link everytime. And with last version of plugin, users can delete favorite from page which favorite posts listed. So only dynamic link changing (if added to favorite put remove link else put add link) don’t work.

    I couldn’t find any solution for that problem. I am waiting suggestions.

    Thanks for your reply. I have the latest version of super-cache. It has a new feature that creates a new cache version of each page for every request. To be used for high traffic sites with lots of comments) I used that setting, it should work, I think? but it still does not show a dynamic update for favorites. I will post about this on Donncha O Caoimh’s page on super-cache and see if he can offer a solution. Maybe a different cache engine would be better?
    My question is
    I’ll post back here if I get the problem solved.

    I saw a similar post with super-cache problem for post ratings here It’s a different plugin, yes, but here Donncha says the following

    That plugin needs to be updated to us Javascript and AJAX calls to do the voting and updating.

    “It already uses ajax and javascript for updating”
    “Are the ratings displayed with an AJAX request?”
    “No, only on update”
    “That’s the problem then. The first display needs to use AJAX too. If it’s cached by memcached or some other way it should be fairly painless, even on a busy server. “

    Is that helpful?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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