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  • I have been experimenting with this also and trying to enable mailing the favorite posts to a site administrator. I have tried some wacky things but to no avail. Is there a way to accomplish this?

    Is this plugin under development? I would really like to know how it is possible to do this. I am currently trying to use gravity forms to implement it but I am stumped.

    What I have managed to do is find out that this information is stored in an variable that has an array in it called $favorite_post_ids

    From here I have no clue. Wish there was ome sort of documentation to help. 🙁

    Can anyone please help with this issue???? I really need to understand How to do this for a client. I am at a loss and there seems to be no response or help.


    think you are better helped with this plugin

    I appreciate the suggestion. The plugin you listed is no longer supported. What I am building is not e- commerce but needs a “favorited” function/feature. I have invested quite a bit of time in this already and know that somehow it’s possible if someone with more knowledge than myself were willing to help.

    Hi Verious B. Smith III.
    Did you find solution? I’m also trying to integrate that function, but with no luck.

    No I have not found a solution to this yet and it’s been grating on me. I am not sure but maybe we can put our heads together to figure it out then post it back here for future help. Are you on skype? My name is [ redacted ]

    I’m also trying to email the favorites list! There are plugins that will email page/post content, but because it comes from the shortcode, it’s not seen as content I guess, and I can’t get it to work.

    Definitely keep me updated, and I will you!

    @iftomkins will you skype me? We could figure it out together probably.

    hi, i can’t skype today, but how about tuesday? :)?

    Looks like they redacted my skype name but tuesday would be fine. Email me at hello[at] and we can have a meeting of the minds.

    Did anyone find a solution to this?

    I would really love for my visitors to be able to mail themselves their favourite list by using a simple form with Name, E-mail and a “Send me my favourites”-button.

    Additionally, it would be awesome if users could share their favorites with others. I suppose that would work fine with any social sharing plugin if every user’s favourite page had a unique link, as in “”.

    Any ideas on how to make that happen?

    You can use the Gravity Forms plugin to prepopulate a message field with the favorite post. When you embed the form, you can pass an array to it containing values for each field. We will first construct that array ($field_values), then embed the form.

    In the form editor, add a Paragraph field for the message body. Go to the Advanced tab and check “Allow field to be populated dynamically”. It will ask you for a Parameter Name. Type in something like “message_body”.

    Now you can embed this form by calling the gravity_form() function directly from your template or by adding an action in your functions.php file. For simplicity I’ll include something you can put in your template:

    // Get an array containing the favorite post ID's:
    $favs = wpfp_get_users_favorites();
    // Use the ID's in the array to get the post titles. Construct a string with the titles of the favorited posts:
    $message = "Here are your favorite posts:\n";
    foreach ( array_keys($favs) as $favID) {
     $message .= get_the_title($favID) . "\n";
    // Create array of values to pass on to the form embed function. Map $message to 'message_body' parameter selected earlier in the form editor
    $field_values = array ( 'message_body' => $message);
    // Embed the form with the $field_values array pre-populating it. 
    gravity_forms( 1, true, true, false, $field_values, true);

    Hope that helps!

    This is exactly why i <3 the WordPress Community! Thank you much @sepehr125.

    I am going to try to implement this solution and will get back here with an answer on how it is working out on the site in Question.

    Thanks again,


    Okay so I have tried the above solution but it is only outputting page names in the message field.

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