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    Great little plugin!
    However, quite a few Favicons don’t “mesh” well with certain themes (namely, those that don’t have a white background).

    Although it might be too much to ask to have some sort of “tint” on each favicon, would it be possible to have the plugin load a locally-stored copy of a favicon with certain URLs?

    (That way someone could “tint” the cache of favicons and force the plugin to use those)

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  • Really, all I would like is the ability to have this detect links in my widget area. I could imagine a plugin setting so that admin can turn on/off where the favicon detection should happen… but really, I just have links in my widgets and would like icons there.

    Plugin Author cogmios


    yes. as i said here: (the url has changed)

    Hmmm, I will add in v0.2:

    an admin panel
    > file types to ignore
    > if i find out how a different default icon
    > urls to ignore
    > replace in posts, widgets, footer options
    and maybe something smart for pdf, zip, arj, cbr, etc.. maybe behind the url instead or else it will be confusing

    should not take to long… i think i can better place the cache for the favicon in /wp-content because then multiple sites in a multisite environment can write to the same cache.

    @asscork: yes that is one thing but I also use the cache myself to place icons in there that are not served by google yet such as the favicons of e.g. all the games in facebook like farmville and cityville 🙂 (so actually it is sort of an “eternal cache” hmmm it is not even a cache.. what is the word? lol)

    also note that you can style the thing with a line in your style.css e.g.:

    .wp-favicon {margin-left:0px!important;margin-right:0px!important;padding-left:3px!important;padding-right:3px!important;padding-bottom: 0px!important;padding-top:0px!important;width:10px;height:10px;}

    Plugin Author cogmios


    v.0.2 now supports widgets and content

    well.. the regular text in widgets and the “wp links widget”, there must be a trillion other widgets placing stuff in places if there is a need just put a rfc

    v.0.3 will support caching

    I am sorry to keep posting, but V0.2 made all link images stop working (0.1 worked fine for body text).

    I have a test-bed site, where i try out all things:
    The word “Goal” is an html link to
    and in the widget on the right, is a link to
    but no images appear.

    I am not sure how to help debug the problem – please let me know if there is something i can change.

    Plugin Author cogmios


    GRIN its nice that you link to “a” computer company…………


    Did you change the settings under setttings > wp-favicons ? And click “save changes” ????

    On my blog: its working …

    I just turned them both on, and said save – the content is working now, but that IBM link in the widget area still doesn’t show up… any ideas?

    Plugin Author cogmios


    good! yes i have an idea why specific widgets dont work, see my comment in class-EdlLinkFaviconWidgets.php grin:

    public function AddFilter()
    			// replace in widgets
    			if ($this->mArrLinkFaviconOptions['wp_favicons_show_in_widgets'])
    				// normal text in widgets:
    				add_filter('widget_text', array($this,'ReplaceAll'), 9);
    				// link list:
    				add_filter('wp_list_bookmarks',array($this,'ReplaceAll'), 9);
    				// undoubtly more rfcs for specific widgets

    it adds an icon for text areas in widgets and it works with the wp links. (since these are filters).

    For other widgets it could be specific

    And this is the “undoubtly”. But I saw you send me a mail so I check that to answer.

    Ok the bug was in the widget i was using which didn’t use the apply_filter command – so your code never got called

    Now it works great



    1) You have a list of file types NOT to add favicons next to. That may be something nice to have in the settings, rather than a code change, since i needed to add one.

    2) If you start CACHEing in V0.3, you may need to also add a “clear cache” option.

    3) I am not sure how you check if a link is to a local page or not? I have a link on my REAL hompage ( which is to /news-updates, yet it is viewed as being an external link. Not sure if this is international or not… (this is so minor)

    4) So while you are just using Google for favicons, when a cite doesn’t have an icon, it returns that globe thing. I like this. But others may not. You may want to add a check box in the settings along the lines of “if there is not favicon found, use google default, or specify a default icon.”

    But really man, this is a fantastic plugin that makes me super happy and glad to use.

    Plugin Author cogmios



    1) yes this was already on @todo
    2) cache… i have the cache working as you see on

    but i’m thinking of a smarter solution:
    a] a multisite website owner would not want a cache for each user where each user has the same 10.000 icons in his/her /files space if they are all the same… so that would need to be centralized
    b] but… a user wants to override some icons so there also needs to be a “local cache”
    c] and that user may have some nice icons e.g. for facebook apps (tens of thousands) that would be useful to share with other so a sort of even third “cache” would be needed on a cental storage

    … that is basically what i was thinking about

    3) there is no distinction: it just grabs the google favicon for whatever url that would be solved with [b] above

    4) yes, the binary i get i would have to parse to check IF the icon is identical to the current standard icon of google. IF it is then look if a custom is identified. This takes extra processing power but i will note it on @todo.

    Plugin Author cogmios


    @asscork: version 0.3 now creates your requested local cache (to replace the favicons with your own)

    @cmurockstar: “You have a list of file types NOT to add favicons next to. That may be something nice to have in the settings, rather than a code change, since i needed to add one.” —> added

    Wow – this is awesome. I don’t know what you have in your future change log – but you could easily imagine giving the users the ability to specify specific icons for the file types (vs just no icon). Just as you were thinking about caching icons or allowing users to overwrite them – you could add specifying icons for file types too. 🙂


    I don’t know if the cahce is working – i have links such as youtube that have not cached icons…

    Plugin Author cogmios



    yes its working, in version 0.4 ( on my disk) I have added I18n and filters which you can add yourself new code to, e.g. write your own favicon scraper and simply add it in case none of the others have an icon.

    for the specific icons: yes i will add that later, e.g. also for “tags” and other concepts such as “my girlfriend” (every time you name her the icon is in front of it).

    but i dont have that much time 🙂

    I just checked – so your cache code works in that it makes directories, and it puts images in them.

    However, when i navigate to the URL in a browser (or i go to one of my websites) the images cannot be found.

    Any idea why that may be?

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