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  • Someone commented on my site today using the Facebook Connect plug in, yet there name after the comment was approved just came up as “Facebook User”. Is there a specific instance which would cause that does anyone know?

    BTW Adam, thanks for the plug-in – it’s much appreciated!

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  • There are two things that can cause this. If the user has disabled their public search profile we can’t fetch their name because it’s not publicly visible. The other way this might happen is if the API call fails. This is a transient error and the 24-hour cache update will then update with the correct name. I’ve made a change (currently in trunk) to wrap all names produced with the fb:name tag so that this kind of transient failure will be invisible.

    I have the same issue, commenter name appears as Facebook User and everything else is working fine with me, any idea how to get the facebook profile name, and thanks

    same problem here

    When will it be “out of trunk”?

    Still doesn’t work on 2.7 and 2.8, never had a chance to try it back last year on 2.6.
    The example on facebook works but the plug-in just gives me ‘Facebook User’ with my account on a lot of sites, not just on the sites I take care of (where I took it off).

    Now with more and more sites moved to current versions of WordPress this plug-in is becoming irrelevant since the generic name defeats the purpose.

    I’m using this plugin with 2.8 and it basically works. I’m in the process of replacing some deprecated fbml in the code and I think I’m close to working around the weird logout bug that occurs when you redirect. Check back in a day or two and I’ll try and have a link to a download and maybe try and get a hold of ahupp to merge the changes to the main download.

    Feel free to try my modded version at It displays names just fine on the WordPress 2.8 blog that I’m using it on and the logout works. As of right now, logging out will take you to the WordPress login form and then forward you back to the page you logged out from. That’s the only way I’ve gotten it to work as of yet.

    Hi twcarter,
    Thanks for the report and update. Can you describe how the logout with redirect works? I’ll take a look at your changes tomorrow – are you ok with me possibly including them in the plugin?


    Any news on the new version?

    Any news on when the problems associated with using this plugin and the Wordbook plugin will be fixed?

    I’ve tried 1.1.3, but still with the same problem. Anyone else got it working ?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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