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  • Resolved chemoul


    I’m getting the following error in the Facebook debugger:

    Object Missing a Required Value: Object at URL '' of type 'website' is invalid because a required property 'og:title' of type 'string' was not provided.

    The title is definitely set in the general WordPress settings and is displayed in the browser bar as well.

    Any ideas?


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  • Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    it’s because you’re not using an seo plugin and don’t have title meta data for your home page. It’s something that changed in 1.6 that was a slight oversight in regard to people running ‘naked’ if you will. I’m moving it more towards working with the larger SEO plugins out there and this was the first step. I forget I need to run redundancy checks on older ways…
    You can either roll back to 1.5.2 (I tagged the version in the repository linked from the plugin page) or I should be pushing a little fix for the few people having the issue this week. OR you can install allinoneseo or yoasts seo plugin. Standby tho… actively working on making this puppy better 🙂

    Brilliant thanks for the quick response, I really appreciate it!


    Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    eh I just reverted that part of the plugin… 1.6.1 should hit for you shortly.. I’ve already pushed it to the repo. standby.

    Thanks! The updated plug in fixed it. I had an older version of Allinone SEO already installed, not sure why it didn’t add the title meta tag properly.
    Anyway, I now get the following debug message:

    Open Graph Warnings That Should Be Fixed
    Extraneous Property:	Objects of this type do not allow properties named 'fb:page_id'.

    Any tips?

    Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    They have or are shortly depreciating the page_id identifier. You’ll have to either use app_id or admins. That’ll be in next update too.

    Just remember that Facebook changes shit ALL THE TIME without actually telling anybody… shit breaks often, sometimes they fix stuff sometimes they just nuke it entirely like this one and never say anything. Dev’s just try to keep up 🙂 Especially with the Open Graph stuff… it’s still pretty new so they change it almost daily.

    Hi Chuck. I’m having a similar issue (with added wrinkles) since the update. The first thing I noticed was that two pages on my site ( and /instapix) would not open. After loading for a while, I got an error message about my SEO plugin, SEO Ultimate. When I disabled SEO Ultimate, the pages worked but that wasn’t a good fix. After reading this thread, I reactivated SEO Ultimate and deactivated your OG plugin — those pages started to work again, but of course that’s not a good fix either.

    In addition to the issue with those two pages (and perhaps more that I haven’t yet discovered), I am also having the title tag issue that I wasn’t having before the update. Do you have any advice? I’m not well versed in dev or programming … Thanks for your help.

    This is the error message I get when I try to load the aforementioned pages:

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/ineedafi/public_html/ on line 273

    Update: I disabled the Link Mask Generator module in SEO Ultimate and those pages are now opening without a problem. I still have the FB OG issues.

    Plugin Contributor Andrew Ryno


    Hey hollowjack,

    What problem do you still have with the OGP plugin? Both those pages linted fine for me.

    Let me know what other problems you are having and we will look into it.


    Hi Andrew. Thanks for checking in. Two issues (probably stemming from the same source):

    1. When someone likes a particular post, it shows up on Facebook WITHOUT the title tag. So if you like any post on right now, it’s going to show up on your FB wall as “Beached Miami” instead of, for example, “Miami Music Guide | Beached Miami” — which is what it used to do before the update.

    2. The thumbnail image when you like something is not the featured image or even the top-most image. It’s a seemingly random image from the post or (worse) from the sidebar. This is an issue I had before installing this plugin. In fact, that is why I installed the plugin.

    Plugin Contributor Andrew Ryno


    Ah, I missed the titles being different. I just saw you had some title data being populated. Which SEO plugin are you using or how are you managing the title/description for the pages? I know we have had a couple issues with a few SEO plugins because of the way they handle rewriting the title, but that should be fixed in a new version today.

    As for the images, I’m not sure why it would be pulling from the sidebar or from featured posts unless it’s some strange bug. Here is the order we pull images:

    1. Featured image
    2. All images in the content of the post/page (or added via shorttag)
    3. Fallback image via admin options

    I’ll take a look into that images issue and if you could let me know which SEO plugin you are using, that’d be great. I’ll make sure that one is working in the new bugfix.

    I use SEO Ultimate, which gives me the option to set a title tag when I’m creating a post or page. I was using it along with WP Facebook Open Graph protocol before the update and it was working fine. Thanks Andrew.

    Plugin Contributor Andrew Ryno


    SEO Ultimate is one of the plugins we will have a fix for in 2.0.1 (launching tonight). We’re just trying to test everything yet again and make sure we’re fixing all known issues before pushing. Thanks!

    Great news!

    Plugin Contributor Andrew Ryno


    We just pushed 2.0.1. If you could upgrade and let me know if that fixed your problem, that would be great. Thanks!

    I haven’t gotten the upgrade option yet.

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