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  • Plugin Contributor Andrew Ryno


    Can you verify the plugin is still installed? I can’t see any output from the plugin in the source.

    Hey Andrew,

    Just checked, the plugin is installed now.

    I’m seeing the same issue. Site title and description is also applied to posts, e.g. – this used to work fine, until the last update.

    Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    Joern… I haven’t seen that issue before but it’s probably because you’re using your actual username in the admin field instead of your user ID like the directions say.
    Use the ID found here: and then try it.

    Thanks Chuck, I’ve fixed that, though the result is the same. I temporarily disabled the WP Super Cache plugin to make sure the ogp:tags aren’t getting cached.

    What’s worth noting: Its only the description that isn’t getting picked up. The og:image element actually points at content from the post.

    As mentioned before, this was working, before I installed the last update. I’m not sure if updated from the previous-to-last version to the current one, or if I skipped an update. Though I usually keep things up-to-date, so its likely that the last version is causing the issue.

    Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    everything looks good in your source right now and i also just pushed 2.0.3 live to fix some of the other facebook parser warnings.


    Can you please check and let me know if everythings fine? I don’t see post excerpts when shared on fb. -

    Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    You sure you’re using my plugin? Looking at the page source there’s closing slashes on the og: tags and my plugin doesn’t have that anymore since a few versions ago. Also the latest version makes the og:locale all lowercase and yours is still showing as caps…


    It looks like you’re caching and minifying your site so if you have updated make sure you flush cache and make sure you’re updated first.

    Hi Chuck,

    Im running on the latest version of wordpress and also your plugin. yes, i’m using seo yoast and admin flush wtc cache plugin and w3 total cache, but i’ve always been using them. i do flush the cache everyday.

    anything else? that’d work?

    Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    well it doesn’t seem your site is releasing the cache then because as you can see by this screengrab of your code it’s still not using the latest source that would spit out from the latest version of the ogp plugin.

    Again the en_US would be en_us and there wouldn’t be any trailing slashes closing those meta property tags.

    So not much I can do until your source starts outputting the right info

    I’ve deactivated both the plugins and emptied the cache too. Now?

    Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    so first off…. your Admins field in the settings needs to be JUST the ID not the full url. currently you have it that way… it’s bugging out the system. Fix that.

    second off… you have another set of open graph tags in your source that are causing problems. see:
    my plugin is pulling these – (note the admins field)

    Desc not pulling probably because of the conflict of your theme and/or other plugin you have in there messing with stuff. You need to clean things up before I can test my plugin not working. It works for thousands of people… you have other things in there causing issues.

    Good luck.

    I’ve corrected the admin field with just the app id.

    Here’s the setting in the wordpress backend, theme and seo yoast plaun and

    Can you suggest how can I fix this ?

    Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    …. you’re killin me man.

    My plugin is now displaying the admin id perfectly, and the description is working now that you got it into yoast’s plugin.

    you STILL have that other ogp code in the header and that’s what’s causing your problems. You need to fix that. But my plugin is working perfectly fine.

    I know whats causing the problem. All I wanted to know if you could help me fix that.

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