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  • Hi I was very much loving this plugin (despite noticing a few warnings that I had no idea what to do about) – but I notice that when I post the link to my blog home page , the plugin pulls the info from the main home page, which is different from the Blog! I particularly want to advertise the blog in different places from my home page, so this is a problem. In the blog I have a featured image, title with Blog in it and a different description, none of which show up. Will post links if allowed but get feeling I’m not supposed to here…? tried using the linter and it says the following
    `Unable to download og:image The image referenced by the url of og:image tag could not be downloaded.
    Parser Mismatched Metadata
    The parser’s result for this metadata did not match the input metadata. Likely, this was caused by the data being ordered in an unexpected way, multiple values being given for a property only expecting a…See more
    Attempted Frozen Title Change It appears that you are trying to change the property og:title from Fairy Doula to Fairy Doula. If so, you are not allowed to for this object because too many actions have been published against it.

    then it says – original “
    og:url “

    why is it defaulting to the homepage?
    Well I tried chaning the name of the blog in my seo plugin from My site blog to blog (so that the titles weren’t duplicated) but it made no difference – I’m getting a bit confused!

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  • Plugin Author Chuck Reynolds


    The parser mismatched metadata thing was just fixed in 2.0.3… so update to that but I’d need to know the URL to see what’s going on…

    oh thank you for your quick reply, it’s appreciated – I only downloaded it a couple of days ago hang on – ah just checked and I am using 2.0.2 will try updating – url is and blog is – thanks again 🙂

    I do wonder whether this is possibly a conflict with the All-In-One SEO pack plugin I’m using…

    Ok just updated, wasn’t sure if there was anything else I should do but – I still seem to be generating the same warnings – – oh and btw these warnings appear when I check the root url in the linter as well –
    Even so, despite the warnings, the root url and as far as I can tell all the other urls display exactly as they should (up to date, image and correct title etc) on facebook since adding this plugin… its just the blog home that gets upset. think it gets confused as blog ‘home’ is not Home – my front page is Home ..

    just noticed that since updating it can’t see my image. which is here – and worked this morning? odd

    I wish you could edit / delete posts on this forum! sorry about the number of posts – ok so I fixed the image issue by uploading another to uploads – tested disabling my seo plugin (which also can’t differentiate between blog home and my home pge it seems, but thats a separate issue) and still get same warnings, and same issue when posting the blog.

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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