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  1. sayner
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi there, hopefully there's someone around who can help me. :)

    I'm wanting to use this plugin to send listings on this page. Which is fine, it works very well.

    However, my client wants it to be able to send individual categories, excluding other categories, like when you select a category from the Search box at the top and hit "go", it comes up with only the selected category's entries.

    For example, when you choose "Mature Cows" and have only that category displaying on the page, I want it to send only results from that category and the results URL (ie: http://preston.utopia.co.nz/~sidfco/stock-for-sale/?stockforsalecat=Mature%20Cows ).

    Instead, it sends all listings and the URL http://preston.utopia.co.nz/~sidfco/stock-for-sale/.

    Is there a way to get it to recognize and send the search results page?

    If there is, this is exactly the plugin we're after for this website. :)


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