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  • Well, as much i like this plugin, i still had to uninstall it because it was causing duplicate content on my site. i don’t know if it’s only on my site or others have the same problem like i do. Example;
    Let’s say this is a webpage on my site;
    WP-Email recreates it’s message url as
    Unfortunately, some weeks after installing the plugin, i found in google search results the pages with the email url( instead of the main one.
    I checked from my google webmaster tools and found out that google had listed over 70 pages as duplicate contents.
    I wish to draw the developer’s attention to this, as i said earlier i don’t know if others are experiencing the same problem or not

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  • i have also this problem. I am trying to remove this plugin but it is not doing. Please tell me how to remove this plugin because it is making duplication too much. that is not good. So, please tell me how to remove this????

    Thanks in advance

    sorry forget to mention my website is

    and is creating /email for every post. Please suggest me. what is good for me.

    You mean u can’t uninstall it? simply uninstall it just like any other plugin.
    Plugins → deactivate → delete

    You may also prevent Google from indexing those duplicated urls by setting url parameter in your webmasters tool
    [Configuration → URL Parameters]

    thanks but plz tell me which thing i have to write in url parameters for not appear in duplication. thanks

    thanks but plz tell me which thing i have to write in url parameters for not appear in duplication. thanks

    If u have already uninstalled the plugin, that’s ok. All the duplicated urls will be deleted and will appear as 404 pages. They will also disappear from SERP (in case they have already been indexed). So deleting the plugin should solve the duplication problem.

    [About the URL parameters in Google webmaster tool]…
    [Configuration → URL Parameters] under “Parameter” Google may have already listed the parameter of the duplicated content there.(it may be something like…’email’). It may or may not exist.

    The URL Parameters is not something u got to mess with if u’re not sure what you’re doing. so i wouldn’t advise u to go there!
    if the plugin has been deleted, it means the duplicate urls don’t exist and there is no need to set up URL parameters for them.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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