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  • First of all – let me compliment the developer of this plugin… This is the best plugin yet and I have tried every single one of them.

    I totally realize that you just released this but I figured you should be aware of just a few critical improvements you have to integrate to make this the absolute best plugin out there for the long term. Many people are coming up with plugins but none seems to have the potential I see in this one. The elements I am referring to are listed below. I would be willing to collaborate with you on this directly if so desired and possibly also contribute some funds towards your development efforts to get these things integrated… (let me know if your interested in either).

    1) When managing “fields” it is critical that users are able to:
    – a) Add Field Groups and being able to assign fields to groups.
    – b) Change the name of the group
    – c) Force the position where the group is included (including left/right)
    – You might want to look at other plugins such as simple fields or others that have done a better job.

    2) When creating a new field I feel its VERY important that there are more field type options to select from. I do realize this takes time so here is my suggestion…. Make is VERY VERY simple for users to create their own field type templates. This has always been one of the biggest missing elements in all other plugins and by making it super simple for people to share such field type templates this will become an excellent plugin. For example… I am dealing with trying to put together an event calendar and want the admin post edit screen to show a dhtml calendar to select a date, a time picker and a file upload option. I envision each of these types of fields to be templates so I can include what I need or even customize them to match my needs.

    3) Each Field GROUP AND each Field should have the additional option of defining a custom css class or at least have one auto assigned. The key element here is further customization by users through simple css without messing up everything else.

    4) I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE how you took the initiative of creating the “admin columns”. This is the BEST implementation I have seen to date!!!! There are however 3 key elements which needs to be added here to make this really usable. They are:
    – a) The ability to change the name of these default titles and custom fields/taxonomy titles without effecting anything else.
    – b) The ability for us to optionally define either a minimum column width or % for each column title so admins can ensure everything looks clean based on their custom environment.
    – c) The ability to define column to sort the admin post list by and if its ascending or descending.
    – TWO OPTIONAL features for the future would be the much needed ability to click a column name to resort the results up/down and the ability to add/change the type of filter options on the post list page.

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  • Plugin Author chertz


    Thank you for the review and for the very useful suggestions. We are actively working on updates to the plugin and will be posting them as we get them done. We will evaluate your suggestions soon and will look to incorporate them into future releases.


    The plugin is the best so far because it can do all we need, with only one plugin.
    But other plugins are better than Easy post types, for example, for custom fields.

    I am trying to create a benchmark of available plugins (, if you, binarybit can help me with that ?

    Chertz —

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    I’m using it on my site, and it works great.

    I’ve come across a couple of issues, though:

    When you select “Use Pretty URL” the text entry box disappears when you try to add or edit a new post.

    And when you try to have multiple choice options, none of them show up — the drop-down list is there but all the entries are blank.

    Finally, an image option type would be fantastic!



    Plugin Author chertz


    Hi Maria – We’ve created an array of images option and it’s currently being tested. We should have this done in the next couple of days and will post here once it’s ready.

    Hi, this plugin is very easy to use.
    I prefer “magic fields” since magic fields provide many kinds of field type.
    “more fields” has similar function, but still needs improvement.
    But I hope this plugin can be improved by benchmarking “more fields” and “magic fields” concerning different field type.

    Plugin Author chertz


    We will take a look at both options. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Plugin Author chertz


    Hi Maria – thanks for your continued input into the plugin and for pushing this out in the community! Here are our findings from your notes above:

    When you select “Use Pretty URL” the text entry box disappears when you try to add or edit a new post.

    Any chance you can send us a screenshot of this error you’re getting? We just re-tested and were not able to duplicate this. Also, a step by step breakdown of how to duplicate this would be great.

    And when you try to have multiple choice options, none of them show up — the drop-down list is there but all the entries are blank.

    For multiple choice options you need to use a | delimiter in the dialog box to assign a key/value pair. Otherwise, the entries will be blank. We’re going to add some documentation to this so that it’s more intuitive.


    Hello everybody

    I´m from Brazil, and I have a sugest.

    A friend is using custom post type coding manually, not using plugins.

    So she was trying to list categories out of the wordpress loop as we usualy list categories like <?php wp_list_categories( $args ); ?>

    But, she just can do it, inside the wordpress loop.

    So, researching about that, she discovered something very important:

    She creted a php file like app_functions.php and inside this file she coded all php code that is necessary to create a particular custom post type.

    And on functions.php she coded:

    if( is_admin()) require(“app_functions.php”);

    She used this IF to avoid extra and unnecessary processing.

    So, she just can see categories and tags related to her custom post types on admin interface, and when she try to list a custom categories (like this <?php wp_list_categories( $args ); ?> ) from that custom post on template theme, that does not work, because is not is_admin

    So, I think your plugin have the same issue, because I cant list categories out of the loop, because this should be a global variable and not local.

    I think that this forum post can help you to understand the situation

    Oh my localhost test, I´m using the codes below to retrieve the custom tags and custom categories, but this work just inside the loop:

    <?php the_meta(); //retrieve custom fields?>
    <p><?php echo get_the_term_list($post->ID, 'my_custom_tags', 'My Custom Tags: ', ', ', '' ); //retrieve the custom tags?></p>
    <p><?php the_terms($post->ID, 'my_custom_categories', 'My custom Categories: ', ' | '); //retrieve the Categories?></p>

    So, I don´t know what modifications (if is necessary) to do on your plugin to list categories and tags out of the wordpress loop.

    Thanks in advance.

    Flávio Araújo
    São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil

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