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  • This plug-in sounded like the perfect solution for what I was looking for UNTIL I needed support. At first support got back to me right away after their form failed and I had to use their alternate direct email. However, once I ran into some detailed problems like the fact product images do not display correctly in Internet Explorer but perfectly in Firefox and the fact I needed help with some shipping configuration issues I was having I was promptly sent to their “support forum.” What a joke. Thousands of issues with this plug-in. When you are a small business and depend on solutions like this for your livelihood who has time to wade through that many issues then wait who knows how long for an answer? Not me. The plug-in is free so what can I expect but I was fully prepared to pay for some of their upgrades which looked great. However if they can’t resolve issues with the core free product who wants to pay and deal with this kind of forum support? My suggestion: Don’t create a product and offer it to the public as complex as this if you are not fully prepared to support it with first class direct support. In the long run users are far more likely to pay for upgrades if they are happy with the free product — business 101 folks.

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  • Very sad. I’ve had problems with them before too. It doesn’t seem to me like the developers even understand their own product. Their attitude isn’t great either.

    I am still looking for a good solution to a shopping cart/WP combo.

    Business 101: Do your own research:


    WP e-Commerce Update: 3.6.10 RC3 is about to be released and we’ve spend over three weeks just sorting through the interface (making it more user friendly) and fixing bugs and quirks.

    P.S. @bradhodges09, LOL if you are who I think you are then we don’t fix theme issues for free. We send people to the forums. Sheesh…

    Oh hell yeah. Look a nice theme working in IE (yes I just tested it):

    @rainfrog, just spotted your only other post regarding WP e-Commerce and it was to do with another plugin that is not written correctly – even though I wish we could we are not resourced enough to fix other peoples plugins (in your case the featured content gallery).

    That said I will give it some time this week because it is a cool looking plugin. Catch you later bro. 🙂

    I have actually had great experiences with the wp-ecommerce plugin. While I admit there have been a few bugs, the developers have been incredibly responsive and helpful. I have tried a variety of shopping cart platforms over the years (Zen Cart, CubeCart, OsCommerce, Magento, X-Cart) and wp-ecommerce is by FAR the easiest, most intuitive, customizable shopping cart I have dealt with. The template system is easy to use. If you know what you are doing with CSS, the styling is completely customizable. You can literally get your store to look any way you want. It’s wonderful to be able to control store pages, as well as non-store pages, from one admin.

    The forums aren’t the greatest in the world, but if you have serious questions, and contact the developers directly, and are respectful, they are absolutely awesome. They are actually the most responsive and helpful developers I have ever come across. It is mostly due to them, that I feel comfortable using the plugin for all of my future e-commerce needs.

    These are some of the stores I have built with the plugin (finished) (in progress) (in progress)

    Well, to each his own I guess. But I worked with WP e-commerce and finally abandoned it because of the attitude on their support forum and the lack of support. There were lots of unanswered posts on the “support” forum and a lot of times when people did ask questions they’d get rude answers. Not friendly.

    Ran across more than a few people who paid for some of the upgrades and even they couldn’t get great support.

    There are enough products out there with good to great support. When I see things like I saw on the WP e-commerce forum, it’s just a warning sign to me.

    And the reason I haven’t posted anything else here about WP e-commerce is because I’m not using it. Plain and simple 🙂

    I answer each and every support email that comes in. Like Dan said, if the issue is another theme or plugin, that’s not something we can be liable for…which previous posters forget to mention when they like to come here and complain.

    Paypal Express Checkout is still not working.

    I am one of the people that paid for the Gold cart, even though the website I’m creating is for an NPO, so it was out-of-pocket for me because I wanted them to have something reliable. bradhodges09 is right, support was super-fast after the first question (even though i was questioned as to how i was able to contact support??), but then it just went dead-silent, so I resorted to using the forums where I found no help. It’s one thing when it’s an open-source project that has bugs, and it’s something you’re developing in your spare time and you can’t get to all of the tickets in a proper amount of time, but when you’re actually charging money for it? I think people expect minimal bugs and a very good user experience. I am a software developer, so when I download an open-source project, and find a bug, I am usually okay with digging through the code, finding the issue, solving it, and posting a patch. But honestly, this product has kind of been a pain and almost not worth my time, which is sad because it definitely has the most promise/potential of the wordpress e-com solutions out there. :-/

    I use WP e-Commerce all the time and have had no problem with the support guys.

    I did ask a stupid question once. It was about grid view – they did not answer and I got upset but when I read the readme and it said to “switch it on” in the settings page I slapped myself 😛

    I cant even get it to install! keeps coming up with errors.Ive tried to install manually and using the auto on my WP. no go.


    Have you posted this issue on the support forums for WP Ecommerce?

    I can only agree with the others on here saying that the support / forums are pretty poor.

    This is a paid for app, and with that I expect it to:
    1. have decent support (think support tickets – no chance with these guys)
    2. WORK!

    I am trying to get the Paypal Express gateway to work with no luck. And also no support! I have posted on the forum several times and even emailed Shayne at stastic for suppport. Not single reply! Very poor!

    I actually think that this e-comm solution is potentially a great one, and I would like to use it for up-coming projects, but I simply can’t rely on a system (especially paid for) that has such poor support and has major areas that simply don’t work.

    My advice for what it’s worth is try this at your peril. Make sure that you FULLY test this app before you start a real project with it.

    this is not a forum for griping about plugins
    if you have a problem – stick to that
    if all you want is to slam a product – take it to twitter or someplace else

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