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  • While I expect the odd bug or shortcoming in a piece of open source software, WP E-commerce has been a nightmare.

    • Many features do not work at all; many more do not work properly.
    • Several features are anemic – for example, how shipping is calculated/handled
    • The code is beyond byzantine; finding anything in it is like looking for a needle in a haystack
    • It’s slow – presumably because SO many .php files must run for anything to happen
    • There are 3 different CSS files contradicting each other in many places!
    • The default CSS is poorly written, relying more on ‘hacks’ than clean code
    • Almost no documentation
    • Free support only in the user forums, from other users – who are just as confused as you are in most cases, because things don’t work
    • Paid support takes weeks to respond – despite the fact that you’re paying for it
    • Staff members not at all active in forums
    • The owner of the company who makes the software… makes hundreds of marketing posts daily… but has posted in his own forums less than once a month

    I don’t usually give harsh reviews, even when something doesn’t work quite right — but when it comes to e-commerce, stability is important… and this plugin just does not have it.

    If you need to keep to a budget… or produce a working site… or are trying to do anything other than set up a hobby site that will never quite work as you want it to… stay away from this one.

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  • WP e-Commerce has got a great team, and they’re improving their product daily. Hang in there!



    @jean just curious which version did you test.
    i heard some reports that their latest version is becoming stable..
    if not do you recommend Shopp or JigoShop?

    thanks for your post! helps to know 😉

    @artur — we are one version behind the current, as we came on board a month or two before the new version was released. It’s possible that it’s getting stable — but after reading many reports of sites breaking due to upgrade, we elected not to. Our budget couldn’t bear having to redevelop.

    We haven’t tried Shopp or JigoShop yet, but likely will.

    I will amend that in the last few days, the folks who created WPEc have become timely and responsive — even helpful. So, credit where credit is due, at least for the customer service attempt.

    Still — if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have chosen this product to serve our client.

    I fully concur. I did a lot of research about WP e-commerce plugins and WPEC looked like the best, but I’ve been really disappointed. The CSS is awful and has cost me a lot of hours, I’ve come across bugs that people have complained about since June in their forums… with no responses. Support staff have attitude. Given the choice again, I’d stay far away from WPEC.

    Agree, I have wasted many hours trying to find snippets of code or CSS definitions… unfortunately wasted money on GoldCart as well, to have things I had already fixed, break again.

    Documentation for this product is non-existent and support is by other users who are all fighting with it.


    Everything stated above is true. If I could rewind I never would have sunk countless hours into the product. I cannot complain too much, as it is free, however I would have gladly paid for a product that actually worked in hindsight. Though, I have heard nothing bettter about Goldcart (WP-Ecommerce paid version). Expensive lesson learned.

    If you are think about using WP-Ecommerce keep looking for other products!!!!!

    A little credit where credit is due:
    When I was finally able to reach one of the guys from Instinct and let him know about a very major problem I was having… he gave me an extra support token, and they fixed it for me, no charge. He was really good about it, and very helpful.

    That said — I’ll still warn folks away, at least for now.
    There’s too much that’s hinky, too little documentation, and too little support available for this to be a good fit even for someone who develops sites in WordPress every day. I know they’re working on improving the product – but until they do, it’s just more trouble than it’s worth.

    Ran the new WPEC upgrade and… still couldn’t get it working. The 3 or 4 bugs I was tracking were not fixed with the new release. I’m not new to WP or e-commerce, but I just could not get WPEC/Gold Cart running. I’d get past one bug and run smack into another. And even if I could get it running, I’d be really hesitant to run future upgrades–everything seems so fragile with WPEC! After countless hours of fruitless labor, we pulled the plug. No refund for the Gold Cart plugin available. Nice biz model.

    WooCommerce – untested
    JigoShop – didn’t half the team leave for Woo?
    Shopp – I’ve heard it’s as buggy as WPEC?

    No perfect options.

    I’d prefer a cart that wasn’t all AJAX, but decided to take Ecwid for a spin for ease of use and low entry cost. After isolating a plugin incompatibility (doesn’t play nice with HeadSpace2), installation went fine. A couple if hours later, a storefront!

    i agree too, dont use it !
    im using WP e-Commerce for a french shop
    the cart cant display multiple taxes rates ( 5.5% on food and 19.% on shipping)

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