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  • Dan – I am still interested in contributing the quantity based shipping to the cart, and also, reduced item price based on quantity. Basically, you would have one item with a price for 1-9, 10-19 etc.

    I would probably need a little assistance in jump starting the add on in the form of function location, program flow etc. Is this something you can help with ?


    Hey Mate, We’d love to have you on board and helping 🙂
    Can you please email me dan @ instinct . co . nz and we can discuss it in some more detail.

    We can probably offer you a good jump start as well – you can chat to us on skype 🙂

    What happened to the swedish languagefile i sent to Dan mufasa? You didnt like it – or what?

    Sorry. It’ll be in the next version I promise!!! Along with lots of little enhancements and fixes 🙂

    Dan – I missed your reply here ! I will be in contact over the next few days to make a start on the Volume based shipping / item options. I posted on your forums but haven’t seen any responses yet ! I will Skype you soon.

    Hi all:
    i’ve just activated the instinct shopping cart plugin
    It’s AWESOME

    i have been searching high and low for this ULTIMATE question i badly need answers to.

    I am surprised that this question isn’t popular:

    The category images for instinct shopping cart will not show in the shop.

    no matter the products page, the category page, i just can’t get it to show up

    It shows up when i upload the image when i create a category

    but not in the shop

    How do i get it to work, i have been going through the e-commerce options again and again and i don’t see how to get it to work

    i believe it isn’t a gold version only feature

    please help me ANYONE

    Thanks in advanced


    This may or may not be a similiar problem to what Tom posted about … on my products page the thumbnails show but the product description is obscuring the product image.

    I’ve changed image sizes but with no luck as the product title also seems to default and fall across the image.

    The site is using WP 2.1 and is located at

    If anyone has encountered this before and is able to assist I’d be grateful to know.

    Many countries are known for their high percentage of fraud. Is there a way to screen these countries out before they purchase something? And can we also screen according to their IP address? Thanks.

    Hey Guys,

    Dan here from Instinct.

    The next version of WP e-Commerce (2.4.8) due out soon has Category images (re)implemented and now as an option that you can turn on/off.

    Shop Options > Presentation Settings
    Show Category Thumbnails:Yes/No

    There is currently no facility to screen bad countries or IP addresses. You can email me about that dan at instinct dot

    Sounds like an old K2 bug that has been fixed. I would make sure you are using the most up2date theme and plugin.



    Dan, we just downloaded the latest version 3.4.7 the other day to see if it made any difference, but no joy. We have also updated to WP 2.1.2

    Any other suggestions greatly appreciated. From the post’s we’ve read this is a fantastic plug-in once it is working.

    The chalk outline is here,

    but I suspect it’s not the actual scene of the crime.

    You just need to change the settings in the shop options page.

    Goto Shop Options > Presentation

    Change the Cart Location to Sidebar 🙂

    There is currently no facility to screen bad countries or IP addresses.

    Would be very easy to add. The admin could simply select which countries and IP’s to block. Then if someone wanted to use the cart from any of those listed countries, they would simply be re-directed to another page saying something like “We’re sorry, we do not allow purchases from that area. Please contact the admin for furthur information“. Anyone selling ‘Virtual’ products (anything downloadable or subscribed to) needs this as the credit cards and PayPal do not protect the merchant from these kinds of chargebacks.

    On another note, what would cause the large gap seen here under the words ‘Shopping Cart’? All we did was activate it and that’s how it shows up…

    If I buy it, will it work? I am using WordPress 2.1.2 and Beta 3.4.7. So far I have had nothing but trouble. When you add items to the cart, they don’t. The cart doesn’t update because items aren’t being added. What is going on? Im not using any other plugins (except one), just WordPress 2.1.2, the widgets plugin and wp-e-commerce.

    I love this plugin. Super easy to install and has tons of features. I was wondering if there might be a tutorial on it for those of us who aren’t that great at figuring out how to incorporate it into our templates and customize it to look the way we want to?

    all of the page urls reset to I have changed them one at a time; I have changed them directly in the database. It resets even hitting the widget without every going to the Admin pages.

    Please help. The plug-in looks great except for this bug.

    WP version 2.2.2. E-commerce version 3.5.2 RC3


Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 34 total)
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