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  • Awesome plug-in! I just downloaded it tonight, using it for the first time and I think I’m going to have to support the product because it was so painless to use.

    Just one minor question though, the category description isn’t showing up anywhere. Is that a gold only feature or am I doing something wrong?

    Hey ens0.

    Can you please post the link to your site so that we can see what you mean… it should be there. Have a play with the shop settings though just to make sure. Otherwise post a support request in the forums with links etc to the site in question and somebody will help…

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    The site that I’m helping my friend out with is here:

    Please let me know what’s going wrong. It’s not a big deal but it would be great if we could get it to work. You can contact us through the website, thanks!


    Hi Why E-Commerce Don’t Support UTF-8 And Russian Lang ?

    Hi Daniel. It will very soon… thanks to you 🙂

    Hello mufasa!

    Plying around with your plug here (maybe you get a swedish translation sent to you soon – but there are a certain amount of english outside the lanuage.php-file, so you might get a whole version).

    In the help it says that you can get emailed each time someone buys something if you enter your email in the Purchase log – but there is nowhere to enter the adress! Is that a Gold only thing?

    One more thing – the thumbnails. When resizing them, standard order is widht and height (not height and widht). Its extra confusing cause the dimensions are shown as it should be (widht x height) besides the image.

    And one last things – th category image – where should it show up? It only shows up in my admin interface – not at the outside for everyone. Ideas?

    Can this plugin handle the sale of downloadable items?

    Haecceity: It can.

    You enter your email address in the shop options page. I might add a little pointer to that in the purchase log page – just to make it more obvious for you guys.

    Not only can you upload files but if you grab the MP3 preview upgrade you can setup MP3 listen buttons for your sounds 🙂

    Lonetrotter, thanks for keeping an eye on these forums. What is your shop URL?



    >> download latest version

    Thanks for the info. It looks like a good product, and I was pleased to see the various examples of the shopping cart looking so varied in their styling.

    I’ll do a bit more research but I’ll almost certainly give it a whirl to see if it’s a suitable replacement for x-cart, which I’ve been using for a few years. If anything, the low price is a bit off-putting, but as a Scot I find that nothing is ever too inexpensive.

    One of my favorite plugins, good to see the continued development!

    Dan, thanks for clarifying the location of the email address. I’ve entered the email address, but have still not received order notifications. And the customers are not receiving either. Any idea? The payment log is displaying the orders. The website is if that helps.

    And finally, I’ve been unable to get the RSS feed to work also. It seems to point back to the Instinct Dev site.

    Thanks for the feedback. Great plugin.

    Dan (Mufasa) – I have mainly tried it out local – with only short time tests online. But thinking of integrate it at the future site of an environmental organisation I will make a site for. But need to custimize it some for that purose though… But from what I read at yor site – you are nice guys, so I hope you will let me.


    You think maybe we can get a little help with styling it without having to purchase a support token?

    Hi Guys. I’m glad that you’re liking the plugin!

    lonetrotter – you can make changes we would just appreciate it if you released those changes back to us to add to the main plugin – that way when you update to the next version your mods are included, of course this is up to our discreation but if its a feature then the chances are that we will add it for you 🙂

    menwuur – please contact me directly and we’ll get onto the styling for you 🙂

    dan @ instinct . co . nz (just remove the spaces)

    >> download WP e-Commerce

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