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  • Hello,
    I have the most recent version of WP ECommerce and WordPress. My site is for a nonprofit organization that sells tickets to a few events. The organization also has paid membership and donor/sponsor levels/privileges. So, A fairly small list of products.

    I have created 2 categories in WP-EC – one called Membership and the other called Events.

    The various membership levels/options are products within the Membership Category and Event tickets are products within the Event category (each event is a subcategory within the Events category and we very rarely sell tickets for more than one event at a time).

    I have a WP page called “Membership” that has some intro text about the benefits of membership and a escription of the levels. At the end of that, I have innerted the following shortcode:
    [wpsc_products category_url_name='membership']

    When I browse to the page, I see the intro text followed by the shopping cart, but, the cart looks hideous.

    I have chosen to display the Product Name, Description, Price, Quantity and the AddToCart button. Each of shem shows up in a separate line. The Product name is in <h2> and so kinda acts as a separator between products. I would like the products to be displayed in a table/grid (no, NOT the gridview that’s in the Gold box) as follows:

    ProductName Price Quantity AddToCartBtn
    Description (below name)

    How can I get this formatting? Do I need to update one of the template files? If so, which one?


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