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  • I would like to state that I am not very knowledgeable of WP E-Commerce, I am however moderately knowledgeable of WordPress itself.

    Based upon what you have written I have came to the assumption that you are selling digital downloads? Is the user only able to download the product once or multiple times? If multiple times, how would they be able to do that with out an account? I may be way off the mark on my assumption. Its difficult, for me at least, to point you in a particular direction with out more information on your product.

    Secondly, ditch GoDaddy. That is not a proper host by any means. They have a notoriously terrible reputation for their hosting and business practices. They support the corporatism of the internet, censorship and are against net neutrality. Supporting them is supporting the removal of the internet from the hands of the people. This isn’t really the time and the place for a political discussion but you will save yourself head aches in the future for multiple reasons by leaving them.

    Hi David,

    In wp-ecommerce, you have to make login for the members who should able to download,

    Else visitors may download the product .

    so make a login to members ( you can create manually or ask them to create in register page), so once they paid the payment, under “Transaction Results” , they will get the downloaded link for the paid transactions

    hope this will help you



    Thanks for the reply, but the point is that we don’t want people to log in to our site to make a purchase. They shouldn’t need to. When the shop on our cart, they will give an email and their name and it should follow through, shouldn’t it?

    The setting on wp-ecommerce in the Settings > Store > Checkout says “Users must register before checking out” with a Yes or No which implies that we can set it with or without any registration. So does this mean that even though this setting is “no” that users will still have to register as a WordPress user on our site (as a subscriber, obviously) to make a purchase?

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    Hi David,

    The themes that come packaged with WPeC follow the logic quite closely – the login form is only shown on the checkout page if that option is selected.

    The behavior you’re experiencing is nearly 100% due to a conflict (not coding, per se, but logic) in Elegant Themes. I’d advise contacting their support about that.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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