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  • I, like many many others have had a miserable experience with this broken piece of junk that masquerades as a legitimate, premium plugin (I bought the dreaded “Gold Cart”.
    Over a period of several weeks I floundered through every step of the process with this product – from purchase to installation to activating the store. I never got it to work and the support information is totally inadequate. I would say people should avoid this nightmare and get something that works like it is supposed to. If you don’t believe how bad this thing is, just Google WP ecommerce reviews and get ready for an avalanche of frustration like I’ve described.

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  • jbobw is there another plug-in you would recommend?

    I’ve got to set up a store for someone, don’t want to make the wrong choice.

    I got the Checkout plugin by Tribulant Software. Got it up and running in about an hour and a half. Very intuitive and I found it really simple to execute. I’m happy. Their site is:

    Another thing about “checkout”. List price is $55 (for single site), but you get a 10% discount if you enter the discount code: 2011

    Another thing: I have no relationship or ties to Tribulant software! I found them reading reviews and researching the web. All I wanted was a cart that worked!

    I respectfully will disagree with anyone who believes this plugin is a piece of crap!

    I have no ties with the developers at but I’ve been using this premium plugin for over 5 years now creating and designing WordPress eCommerce combination websites for hundreds of clients. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and before WP Ecommerce plugin I used several other plugins to get the same result.

    I’ve helped over 50 people within this forum on how to find and fix bugs that creep up. Designing websites and plugins over the years “always” have had a “bug” at some time within their life span…no plugin is perfect….you just have to know how to fix it.

    I’ll stack this plugin against any plugin for a truly advanced eCommerce solution.

    So do me a favor and the WordPress community a favor…don’t complain about a plugin…contact the developers at and report the bug you’ve found or better yet…create your own plugin….otherwise don’t waste your time bashing a plugin. Most of us Web and Plugin developers don’t want to hear it.

    Thanks again,

    rcano: Well I’m glad you have figured out a way to make a living helping people fix this plugin and make it work! Somebody has to do it because it certainly doesn’t work out of the box.

    I believe when you pay $50 for a plugin it should meet the same standards of any piece of software you buy. I don’t complain about “free” stuff. When you buy software you expect it to work When you install it. That’s the bottom line. I’m not inclined to pay somebody like you $75 – $100 an hour to fix it.

    And, if you “Web and Plugin Developers” don’t want to hear complaints – then build them better! If you look at the ratings of this plugin you will see that 1/2 of the entries believe this plugin is broken! Finally, you in your own post admit to have been hired by over 50 people to help them fix it and make it work!!! And, I’m sure you don’t have a monopoly on this doing this, so how many other victims have had to hire some “guru” to make it work.

    I do understand, however, that if people quit buying this thing there would be fewer people to hire you to fix it.

    Ahhhh jbobw….if you’re going to quote me then make sure you “correctly” quote me….I didn’t say that 50 people hired me….I said:

    I’ve helped over 50 people within this forum on how to find and fix bugs that creep up. Designing websites and plugins over the years “always” have had a “bug” at some time within their life span…no plugin is perfect….you just have to know how to fix it.

    I’ve helped, if you don’t know what that means is “Free” help from this forum. I’ve been hired by 12 people in the past year because they were looking for more custom work then just adding a flat fee to their store.

    If people quite buying it…they’ll go out of business as they should go out of business…but do you know how long they’ve been selling this premium plugin?? That’ll give you an answer as to why they continue to stay in business.

    Contrary to what you think or believe there are a lot of us Web and Plugin Developers who do pro bono work for charities….I’ve designed 7 Non Profit websites just this year for various types of organizations. Not all of us are money hungry Guru’s. We actually do give back.

    Thanks and good luck.

    If you don’t believe me..go to this link within this forum and you’ll see how I provided FREE help to another WordPress member:

    I could give you multiple threads like this form hundreds of Guru’s who give FREE advice and tips without charging a single dime.


    Methinks you protest too much rcano. Before you give me a reading lesson, I would like to point out that I did not quote you in any way. You just said you have “helped” over 50 people fix this plugin. When you say, “I’ve helped” that could mean free or it could be for fees. No way to tell what you meant by that. There is nothing wrong with charging for your time and there is nothing wrong with doing something gratis. I’m sure you do both.

    My point was that at least 50 people you have experience with couldn’t make this stupid plugin work out of the box and had to have outside help…free or otherwise. My point is about the problems with this plugin…not your business practices. This is not about you.

    Unfortunately Jbobw….you made it about me.

    When I originally posted a reply to your “complaint” I was merely trying to explain to you that instead of “complaining” it would be far better to assist them. Premium plugin or not.

    Its clear that we have a difference of opinion….you believe that its okay to bash but don’t provide solutions….and I believe that to be a positive influence you need to assist them…whether they collect money for it or not.

    This is not a protest….but when I see someone bashing in this forum and its pretty clear they’re bashing….I’m going to call you out on it and I’m going to tell you that we don’t need that sort of bashing on this forum.

    There’s nothing wrong with reporting a “bug” and then asking for help and guess what…one of us would have offered “Free” help to help you fix it to work with your website. However…posting that this plugin is a piece of crap….that’s not going to get you anywhere.

    If you don’t understand that there’s a certain etiquette that one should follow when posting in a forum, then I feel sorry for you.

    Thanks again and good luck.
    P.S. 50 clients I mentioned was over the past 5 years….that’s hardly an epidemic.

    Groan..I think we get the idea. You like the plugin. I don’t. I did offer a solution, however: “Buy something that works”. I had no idea my post would get anyone so worked up, or that I needed go into massive amounts of detail reporting what I did to get the thing to work. Short version is that I did try to get them to help, but got little or nothing back from them. I actually tried to hire two guys like you to fix it and they threw up their hands. AFter three weeks of fighting it I threw in the towel and bought something that worked out of the box. That’s all I’m going to say about this. My opinion stands…this plugin is broken! I’m glad you love it though…Happy trails!

    Jbobw – you’re completely correct, and I’m sure rcano actually gets it.

    He may be missing the point (and, to his credit, I’ve read – and used – some of his WPeCommerce tips in the past, successfully) — that premium plugins should work properly out of the box.

    I’ve been doing this (developing WP sites) for years, and have used the gamut from simple PayPal shortcodes to Yak to WPeCom to Shopp and Tribulant’s Checkout… and at this point I’m down to either A) a simple ecomm site? straight PayPal shortcodes plugin, or B) more than a few products? – Tribulant’s Checkout.

    There’s really nothing in between. Checkout works – out of the box – and their support has been solid ever since I started working with them.

    I’ve gotten WPeCom working several times, and each time there’s been *something* that I’ve had to fix/hack/patch or improvise to get the site working. Once working, it’s fine – but until then… why spend the money?)

    Anyway, to those out there reading this, contemplating eCommerce… my advice is to either go the simple way with one of the many PayPal shortcode-in-a-page plugins, or make a small investment in Checkout, and you’ll be set for any kind of growth you want to contemplate.

    Good luck!

    Thanks wp-digiman

    I do get the point that premium plugins should work right out of the box. What I don’t get…and this is not a knock on you or Jbobw is that I’ve completed about 47 WP-eCommerce installs and I had 2 installations that didn’t take the first time….but in those two cases it was the “crappy” server’s they had their WP installs on.

    I just haven’t had the experience that some have with this “free” plugin as well as the Gold Cart, which is the premium plugin.

    I would agree with you wp-digiman that if you’re looking for a very easy set up for a shopping cart..go with WP Simple PayPal Shopping Cart..and if you like “” themes…all of their sites are totally compatible with this plugin. (Free)

    If you want something that is more advanced and “NOT” WP-eCommerce……then go with the Advanced version of WP Simple PayPal Shopping Cart…it has quite a few bells and whistles. (One time fee $49.95 – Note..its called eStore but its the premium version of the Simple)

    If you’re going for something really, really classy and extremely professional and a large inventory….stick with….you’ll love it. ($17 per month)

    Finally….clients who have hired me to “fix” there WP-eCommerce typically had another developer “customizing” functions and features and that’s where I find where people get into trouble.

    Thanks again,

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