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  • I tried to update a plugin called Hide Pages about one month ago and I got sent to the WP e-commerce. I made a comment that it was a sheisty move by a sheisty bunch of people, and the response I got was, “It was an honest mistake” and a bunch of other nonsense that boiled down to,”why are you being so mean to us”??

    Well, fellas, you did it again. Updating the hide poages plughin brings people to the WP e-commerce rip off page once again.

    Was this a mistake too?

    If anybody believes that it is a mistake, I’ve got some land I want to sell you

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  • If you are using the automatic plugin update in WP to update the plugin and when you update Hide Pages and instead it updates wp-e-commerce?

    It was an honest mistake, I put the URL to our site in to the field for “Plugin URI” at the top of the file, as I did not have anything else to put there at the time.

    This field was later used to determine where to update a plugin from, as we have the e-commerce plugin hosted here, WordPress tries to install the e-Commerce plugin.

    The only way to fix this is to change that URL, and I have just uploaded a newer version with the URL changed. However, WordPress also caches this data, so it may take a while for the update link to go away.

    Your reaction seems out of proportion to the size of the problem. We are not trying to rip you off, we do not make money from you using the base version of the gold cart, and it would be counter-productive to deliberately force the plugin on people.

    Netpup; Tom has fixed the problem with the links – I have no idea what your motive is but it is a little sad that there are people in these forums behaving like you. All you are doing is insulting all of the good people that invest there time helping people with WP e-Commerce.

    If you are legitimate then please email me and we can discuss this further in person – we’re always open to helping people out 🙂

    Gamerz; Thanks bro!!!!

    Tom; Well done for fixing that link 😛

    mufasa: NP, it looks like WP Plugin Auto updates always updates the wrong plugin, lol. It happen to me to



    It happened to me too. I was loading a new plugin to svn and saw that that triggered wordpress to think that my earlier plugins had an update – weird! I figured out eventually that because the plugin-url was the same as the earlier plugin (top level web page), somehow this got the wordpress plugin manager to think that there was an update.

    I hope this has been fixed, as it is a common thing for developers to do (use a placeholder url while getting the presentation/deliovery side of the plugin sorted!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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