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  • Before I start, I want to say I’m a fan of WPEC, and the guys at Instinct. What follows I offer only as constructive criticism, because I wish you the best and hope you succeed. I’m posting it here, because I’ve come to believe nobody at Instinct ever looks through any forums other than the Premium Support.

    1. No pre-sales support. You offer premium support to people who have purchased, but nothing for those who haven’t, to ensure that a premium plugin will function the way we need it to. Nobody likes to buy blindly, and forgive me but most of the “more info” pages for the premium plugins suck and offer very little info. Please provide pre-sales support and more detail on the premium plugins.
    2. Poor community support. I don’t know the reason, nor do I have an answer, but I’ll bet the people at Automattic have some ideas. Perhaps the community just follows your lead, but there are very few experienced WPEC developers hanging out there, helping others with issues. This makes for a very bad experience for people getting their feet wet with free WPEC. If you want them to convert to paying clients, you need them to see success building their eCommerce solutions on WPEC. If they can’t get help, they’re unlikely to be successful, and will therefore go somewhere else (like the new WooCommerce).
    3. No product review options. I previously found a plugin that allowed customer products reviews on WPEC-listed products, but it’s no longer appearing in the repository that I can find (and I assume it doesn’t work with the newer version of WPEC anyway). Most people want customers to be able to review their products. They get both credibility, and additional SEO from those reviews. WPEC shouldn’t be called “Full-Featured” until this is included natively or via plugin.
    4. has issues. I’m constantly forwarded back to the home page when browsing the site. Any time I browse somewhere other than the home page, I see my destination load briefly, then the page refreshes and I’m on the home page again. I thought perhaps it was my browser or an extension for it, but it’s the ONLY site I’ve ever encountered that does this, and it’s been doing it ever since you guys setup the new site. I can simply click Back to get to the page I’d intended to go to, but having to do this every single time I click a link is absolutely maddening.

    I really hope these are things you guys can fix/implement soon. I’ve been really impressed with the functionality of the store I’m running, but really feel there’s some big difficulties and shortcomings that don’t seem all that hard to fix, and would result in more paying customers.

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  • We’ve been using WPEC for a couple years on a very simple store and I can completely agree with your assessment. Support is virtually non-existent and the forums are filled with unanswered please for help.

    We recently, and very reluctantly, agreed to use WPEC for a client only because this project needs the variation sets and shipping options that are not yet available with other plugins. We agreed to do this only if the $195 premium developer upgrade was purchased, thinking this would save us hours of hair pulling to get this thing to work as expected. Over 2 days and still no response to premium support questions.

    I too have strange issues with Search functionality is a joke. Excerpts of support topics are totally useless if they aren’t linked to the full topic.

    Deliver on your promises or don’t promise!

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