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  • yo

    i set up a store completly running, finding out, that the taxes get calculated completly wrong..?

    item price (including tax)
    20.00 €

    tax 19%
    3.00 €


    tax 19% is
    3.19 €

    even if i would add the 19% tax on the item price its not 3.00 €, but 3.80 €

    example 2:
    item price (including tax)
    27.00 €

    tax 19%
    4.00 €

    tax is 4.31 €

    looks like the decimals get cut, or so?


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  • i now checked the database, for any tax item i could find
    there are tables, but they count zero.

    table name
    “wpec_taxes_total” & “wpec_taxes_rate” in wpsc_purchase_logs
    both have value 0.00 on all orders, even if there should be some 19% calculation happening, i guess..?

    i investigated a little bit more and found some more friction.

    during checkout the tax gets calcualted on the total amount, means inclusive of shipping.
    when done checked out, the tax shows up with only the product-tax.
    and in the backend the tax shows up with no decimals. (i know have a third value, 1.31€ and it shows up as 1.00€)

    i for my self would say:
    let the shop owner decide, if the tax should be calculated with or without shipping costs.
    and please, oh please fix this decimal shit.
    dunno where you need to pay your taxes and if these guys dont care, but in germany this has to be rock solid, or the storeowner has to pay for all the wrong calculated shit.
    right now you cant use this over here without hacking yourself throught this stuff.

    and i finally found the error:

    in purchaselogs.class.php on line 348 it goes
    return (int)$purchlogitem->purchitem->tax_charged;

    that is wrong, cause (int) makes the value 1.31 to 1.
    so the line should go
    return $purchlogitem->purchitem->tax_charged;

    but its still an issue, that the tax sometimes gets calculated with / without shipping.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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